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My husband and I have been living at The Shores on Nicolet Drive since May of '08 and here's our review.
Parking and Safety: You are assigned one sizable parking garage and one assigned parking space right outside your building (generally). Also, in between the garages and on the edges of assigned parking spaces there is room for guest/extra parking. There has also been a notice that they have extra parking garages available for an extra $45(?) a month if you're so inclined.
The buildings and parking are well lit and I feel safe in the area. Plenty of kids like to run around and play outside when it's nice out but there is an blind corner in one area of the driving/parking lot that people like to speed around - I've almost been hit a few times being the cautious one. There are two entrances to the place so you don't really need to use that corner but it's there.
The Grounds and Location: They're nothing special really, it's well kept up, there are nice looking shrubs and there's a large open grassy area to play in - however it's right next to a road that can be fairly busy at times because The Shores is a 5 minute walk to UWGB. One thing we love is that we are a short walk to the Arboretum around UWGB and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, there are lovely hiking trails through the woods, fields and down to the bay. It's gorgeous and a treat to have it so close by. Also, you are right off of HWY 54/57 and next to a gas station that has a Subway. It's only about a 15 minute drive to the main shopping area in Green Bay and 5 minutes to the closest grocery store and Walgreens.
They also have a "woods" view, it's in between the Eastern-ish Buildings and Mahon Court. You pay extra for this view but it's pleasant with lots of birds, squirrels, and rabbits. In the winter you can see through it to Mahon Court and the houses on that road.
Noise: No getting around it - this location attracts the college students due to it's location to UWGB. We have had very noisy college student neighbors who would have loud parties until or past 3 am - these parties sometimes would spill out of their first floor apartment onto the grounds and even into their garage where they were be music, loud talking, drinking and cook outs. Wasn't great when we had an apartment that faced the parking lot and our bedroom wall shared theirs (even when they were a floor below us!)
We have since moved to another apartment within The Shores and this building is much quieter (we moved due to wanting a two bedroom rather than a one so we could have an office), it seems to be filled with more working adults than students. By the way, the transfer was handled very well, since we had been residents in our one bedroom for 6 months, they helped us find an apartment we wanted more with two bedrooms and all we had to do is sign a new lease and move things over - we were not punished for closing the original lease because we stayed within the complex.
Besides the parties, we have not really heard our neighbors through the walls. If it's quiet you might hear a phone ring, garbage compactor, or water running in the bathroom, but that's just apartment life. However, if you have an apartment facing the parking area you will hear more noise from the cars and if you leave your windows open you'll hear people coming home at 2 am from the bars on the weekends. Also there is some noise from Hwy 54/57 if you have an apartment close to the highway but you get used to it quick but I'm partial to road noise since I used to live across from a hospital.
Noise is probably the main Con about this property. However if you're lucky, get into a quiet building, have an apartment that doesn't face the parking lot (you pay extra for the "woods" view but it's totally worth it) it's not that bad at The Shores.
Construction and Maintenance: The buildings are built well and the windows are great! I love that they're double paned, double sliding windows with screens - they keep the bugs and the cold out while reducing noise. Some of the appliances are starting to show their age but things do get replaced. An example of this is further on. There is weekly housekeeping in the common areas, they are prompt with snow removal, shoveling and salting of walkways.
Maintenance requests have always been met in a timely manor for us (same or next day), even when calling the after hours maintenance line (under an hour). Things have always been fixed the first time and well.
An example: When we moved to our two bedroom it had a cruddy old air conditioner. It was rusty and corroded (this says more about the previous tenants than it does The Shores because of what we've seen of the previous tenets living conditions when we received a tour of the place) and the faceplate was off. I was a bit dismayed, put the faceplate back on and carried on moving in (this was a Friday). I received a call on Monday from the head of the leasing office, apologizing for the air conditioner. Apparently earlier on Friday, maintenance was in to look at it wanted to replace it, he was unaware that we were moving in that weekend and left things how I found them. When we got home on Monday after work and we had a brand new, awesome Energy Star air conditioner with a remote. It was a pleasant surprise. Also, they had to re carpet the seconded bedroom because it had been damaged from the previous tenants cat - they did this within two days. That was enough time to clean up and replace the damaged wooden floorboard, let the room air out and lay down new carpet.
We are very pleased with the maintenance staff. They are always courteous and efficient and make sure to mind the cats.
Staff: The staff really add to the property. Everyone is courteous, helpful, willing to go out of their way to make things easy for us and greet us by name whenever we come in the office. They really do show that they care and are very personal with you. We have never had a problem and love the staff.
Odds, Ends, Overall: The floor plans are nice and spacious, loads and loads of storage space, a fireplace in every apartment and vaulted ceilings in the upper apartments. Nice deck space and the bathrooms are nice and big. The one bedrooms apartments have nice, really big walk in closets. Both apartments we've been in could of been cleaned a bit better before we moved in but it wasn't too bad. I recommend getting the two bedrooms though, because then you are on the outer corners of the buildings and have more windows and space.
The Shores is owned by Toonen Properties and they also own Cedar Lake which is a pet free property down the road (where the leasing office is). They had an incident at Cedar Lake involving pet damage to a very high extent and this has made them change their policy on pets since we moved to The Shores. They have raised the rent deposit, and now charge a monthly pet rent - we saw this change when we switched to a two bedroom. The low pet deposit and no pet rent was a small part of the reason why we chose this property instead of others that are comparable in Green Bay.
Toonen has a (bi-monthly?) newsletter they drop off at your door step and it has some tidbits of community info in it. Sometimes they have community get togethers and they have been running an Early Bird Rent Reward program (get your rent in by the 25 and you have a chance at receiving $25 off your next month's rent).
The garbage dumpsters are near the gas station, on the North end of the property, this could be a pain for those living in the Southern Buildings but really it's on the way out of the property so there's no reason for not being able to drive past it to take your garbage out before you leave for work.
Love the washer and dryer in the in the unit! We will never live in a place that does not have this luxury again. Although it is a bit small and a stacked unit.
Overall we have been pleased with our time at The Shores and plan on being here while we rent in Green Bay.

This company only cares about the people who pay multiple months of rent at one time and it is run by owner son in law who is rude and talks down to you and is very judgmental. They are greedy and seeks to charge for whatever they can get way with. I do not recommend anyone to rent from them .

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