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Ridges of Geneva Apartments
400 South Edwards Boulevard, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
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In all honesty, we did enjoy living here at first. We were never, ever late on rent. The grounds really are attractive, the staff seemed nice when we signed our lease, and the apartment allowed us just enough space. The pool isn't too cold in the summer, and I was a fan of the work out room (I brought my own sanitizer since there is none) and location of the apartments.

We were at the Ridges for a little over a year. In that time we made numerous reports of excess moisture on our windows (poor, poor seals), a leaking window and mold growth. We even had a leaking closet!? I noticed the maintenance worker is pleasant and attentive (would show up with in 24 hours), but he seemed to do more "patch work" than actually fixing considering the problems never fully went away. In the end I felt as if I was calling every week with a problem.

We were experiencing mold growth on and off since December 2010. We finally had it one year later in December 2011 when we moved a few curtains in the windows and some furniture only to find mold growing on the walls and windows as if it was natural. It was clearly unsafe, anyone would agree. (pictures enclosed)
At first it didn't seem like they would let us out of our lease, but they eventually did after I persisted.

We were considering moving to another unit on site. They did offer us compensation for our troubles if we moved to another unit, so it seemed like a good idea. I was told the part time help on Saturday would be informed of our situation. She repeated that she was only there for a few hours on Saturdays, she didn't know about our situation, and suggested we should come back when the manager was here. We knew we couldn't spend another night with all that mold. We had no choice but to pack up our things and sign a lease elsewhere.

I called down to the office after we moved out, and the phone continued to ring unanswered during their normal business hours. We were trying to set up a day where I could return the keys because the first was a holiday and they would not be there. I had to actually drive down there in order to speak to someone. They said they were outside. I don't believe them.
They suggested that I should drop the keys in the drop box on the first. I've never heard of such a thing. No one should return anything of value without handing it to the manager and receiving a receipt. I said I would be there on the third.

When we got the security deposit back, they charged us what must have been a weeks worth of rent because I handed the keys in on the third. I had to speak with Blake Capital Corp to get our money back. They also charged to clean apart of the carpet, which I think is comical considering the unit is inhabitable, and the carpet had permanent stains on our arrival.

What I'm trying to tell you is the staff is unpleasant to deal with if things aren't going the way The Ridges prefers them too. The new property manager is a bully for lack of better words. We were more than fair and gave plenty of opportunities over the year were were there. We were a loyal and we were never late on our rent -ever.

Last Updated: 03/22/12
User photo uploaded on 02/15/2012
This was growing behind our dresser in bedroom 1. NOTHING WET WAS LEFT HERE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! This shares a common wall with the outside.
User photo uploaded on 03/22/2012
This was growing on the windows in the bedroom 1 & 2 and living room
User photo uploaded on 03/22/2012
As you can tell,
User photo uploaded on 03/22/2012
I had drapery and a decorative pillow covering this spot in bedroom1. I went to dust the sills and this is what I found. This obviously shares a common wall with a window and the outdoors.
User photo uploaded on 03/22/2012
This was in our family room. This shares a common wall with the outside.
User photo uploaded on 03/22/2012
This mold was growing on the ceiling in bedroom 1s closet. This shares a common wall with the outside.
Hello, I'm the original writer. To Anonymous 3-22-12: I appreciate your opinion, and you are right: when wet stuff is left for days and days on the floor, mold will occur. To better explain my situation I have uploaded 5 more pictures for you to view if you wish. This shows and I suppose proves that we are not to blame. This mold was growing on the ceiling and walls in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. I think you can agree that if we were the mold causers, that we would have the same issues where ever we lived. I can assure you, we are still living mold free. I didn't write the original review to "stir up" anything or make anyone mad. This is really just what happened to us, and I think it is important to share what an awful experience we had. If you read the other reviews some really love The Ridges, and some have had misfortunes like us... But I can assure you, friend, that this was indeed mold.
Looks like the MILDEW pic is from a person who is not so clean.When I leave wet stuff on the floor next to a wall for a while the same thing happens.
So you think the Lake Geneva Building inspector is part of the problem. I take offense to that comment becaue I work for the city and there is no one here that does not have the best interest of our citizens in mind
Somethings never change! You know whats crazy is I had the Building Inspector come to my apartment in May and look at the mold. He told me it was mildew and that was it. I even told him that my neighbour moved out becasue of black mold in her apartment and he wouldn't go look at it. I really believe that the Building Insepector is in the bag for them! I brought up to ----------- and others of Blake Management and nothing was ever done! I moved out in June. I know for a fact that the maintenance and cleaning people are totally aware of the mold issues and have been told to keep there mouths shut.I truly believe that maybe everybody should get together and file a class action lawsuit against The Ridges/Blake Propert Management!
I wouldnt send my worst enemy to the ridges,I knew several renters there and 1 had mice problems so bad, and the office pro"s told them it"s that time of year and you have woods next to your building,they tried to break their lease but couldnt 2 a friend was renting for over 5yrs and he made a complaint about gutter down spouts on the ground and paint peeling off the buildings guess what he got evicted , I had a gas grill in my garage and used it one day in front of our cell and I got a letter from the office that i was not in compliance with the rules of the ridges and the fire dept. the broad in the office said she did a walk around and seen my grill, so after i put it away after using it I did a walk around and 6 of8 units had grills on their patios even on the 2nd level, My wife came home from work and found one of the office broads in our apartment! I had so much noise up stairs they told me they couldnt do any thing about it, i need to call the cops , b.s. I had people climbing up the the patio supports to get to the apartment up stairs, wait theres more heaven forbid any thing breaks down and if it does you go on the ---- list we found out 1st hand when you move (after your lease is up) you get charged for carpet and they want you to pay for the elect. until it gets rented again this is not mentioned at the siging of the lease wich I never got a copy of and asked for several times!! We were told the carpet was 9-10 yrs old and was getting changed before we moved in never happened and yes mold in both bed rooms on a scale of 1-10 1

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