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Village Green Apartments
W180n8526 Town Hall Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
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Our family of three lived in a 2-bedroom apartment at Village Green. This affordable and nice apartment plus the wonderful location made it a GREAT experience!

We loved that we only had to pay for our electricity--heat, gas, water, trash removal, parking, extra storage were all included! Made it very affordable and easy when paying only for appliances and lights!

The apartment was clean, light & cheery. It was nice to be in a building with only 4 apartments...gives it a nice "homey" feel :)
We felt very safe, even to the point of sometimes not locking our door when heading out for the day! We had lots of closet space and enjoyed our private, outdoor patio. The AC wall unit in the living room seemed to cool down the apartment pretty fast, which was nice on those hot summer days! We also had our own wall thermostat for controlling the heating temp.

The laundry & extra storage units are in the basement--both are kept very clean & never noticed any basement flooding. They give you your own basement/storage key.

The snow removal was great! After a winter storm, we could be sure that the next day the sidewalks and parking lot would be plowed. The lawn work also had great up-keep, and the premises never looked "trashy"

The area/location and community was definitely a big bonus--everything was conveniently close! We could go one direction and walk/run through parks and the quaint downtown area, or head the other direction and be on the scenic Bug Line Trail. For shopping, just drive a couple miles North, and you're by an Aldi, Super Walmart, TJ Maxx, restaurants and much more! So nice to be close to Germantown and Brookfield!

The only issue that maybe wasn't so great was that we could hear the neighbors above (on the 2nd floor) when they walked around (wooden floors?). But compared to other bad experiences in previous apartments, this is hardly something to mention!

Last Updated: 08/27/13

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