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Prairie Crest Apartments
321 Meadowside Drive, Verona, WI 53593
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Counting down the days until my lease is up! Under new management and things are not taken care of at all. Common areas are messy and smelly- even had cat puke in the hallways that was scooped up but carpets not washed! The grassy areas are not cleaned up like they used to be- instead we have trash everywhere and dog poop. Even by the now leasing sign there's an old coffee cup. That should be a strong indicator of the cleaniness of the place. Snow removal was nonexistent this past winter- after blizzard it took over a week for them to plow the parking lots and sidewalks! Pool was never heated (it was in previous years just not last) and was always dirty last summer- bugs and leaves.
Apartments are poorly constructed. Bad, cheap piping leads to a lot of water pipe bursts and leaks. And after a pool of water collected at the bottom of the stairwell, they just let it sit there until it dried on its own...never changed the carpet or aired it out- concerns about mold??? Apartments are also drafty in the winter because of the cheap windows- which also crack in the cold weather!
Maintenance guy doesn't seem to know how to maintain anything- they're always calling someone else to fix it so it takes forever! One good thing- they hired a new maintenance guy finally so hopefully this guy knows how to fix problems!
Front office staff needs training on "people skills." Very immature as well.
It's a pity that the new manager has let things slide so much. Prairie Crest was a wonderful place to live but the last year has been a nightmare. Hopefully, the property owners will bring in a new management team to clean the place up!

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