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Laurel Commons
14 Laurel Commons, Ravenswood, WV 26164
2 User Responses

Moved to WV from another state. The women told us that there was central heat/air. Told us the day before we were to leave, that they rented out our town home & it would be an extra week until ready. I had job interviews set up. Was supposed to be no deposit as a special. Tried to charge a $200 deposit when we arrived. She said the special was over. No central heat & air. Windows broken w/snow inside. Smelled like mold. A complete disaster. Trash laying all over. Very rude. Needless to say that after being there for 20 minutes we turned around to come back. Not at all what was supposed to be. Very dumpy.

Mleddy, you need to work on your customer service. Attacking previous renters and calling them a liar is not the best way you could have handled this situation. How about apologizing for the bad experience and then nicely explaining the possible reasons why her experience turned out that way. How are you ever going to attain potential renters with your terrible customer service?
I dont know about the complaint being from 2009 then posting a bad review in 2011! Anyway, I am now the acting Maintenance Manager for the complex. We have never run any "special" on no deposit, thats a lie. We have never had central air conditioning in any of our units, which includes the one you thought was yours. If you had interviews set up that means you where not employed at the time and probably moving in on a Section 8 from HUD. And contrary to popular belief we are to provide adequate housing thru HUD not the Ritz. Everyone in management are professionals with the highest reguard for our tennants and there needs, we try to do the best we can with the limited personnel we have onsight. If your unit was given to another family it was most likely a mix up or you did not complete the lease agreement or the required application for HUD.

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