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Brighton Wood



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
From my first impression I thought this apartment was in pretty good shape. I thought this place was really spacious and it has a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, which I totally fell in love with. When I first moved in I addressed the landlord of all the TLCs in my apartment and he said he will come fix it in the next couple of days. Some of the outlet wasn't working, the dishwasher seems like it's going to fall apart any moment, the faucet handle in the bathroom sink and bath tub always falls out, the oven wasn't working, whenever we turn on the heater just a tiny bit my bedroom becomes as hot as a sauna and the rest of the place stays cold as snow, my bedroom door doesn't close or lock, the paint job in here is terrible cause there's paint on the doors and on the light switch. The landlord came and fix the oven the next day and nothing else was fixed. A month or two past and I revisited the landlord and he finally fixed my bedroom door and that was it. The parking was also terrible because the neighbors doesn't know how to park in the lines! Rent here is not cheap too, I feel so rip off paying so much for such a crappy apartment, and still got four more months before the yearly contract is over! I cannot wait to move out of here. We pay $1,050 rent plus utilities plus water for two bedroom/1bath. I don't think it's fair how they make us pay water here because they divide the water payments equally to everybody that lives in the same building. So you still have to pay for water no matter if you use it or not. Oh yeah and the stairs are so dirty, I think they've only cleaned it once since I lived here. They just also started a construction site right across from my window and their construction starts so early in the morning I cannot sleep at all. I do not recommend this place at all, unless if you want a ------ neighbor who lived here for 10years and thinks she can ----- at anybody she wants for no reason! One time she comes banging on my door at seven in the effing morning on a Saturday and ask me to move my car cause she cannot get into her car. It wasn't my problem cause the other car next to me can't park! I was being nice so I moved my car for her and she called me a B***H! Yeah that's what I get for being nice! The following Monday my bf gets up for work at 6 in the morning and he saw that our car got broken into. They only took my expensive sunglasses and my car insurance that was in the glove department but didnt even check out my trunk thankfully which had my bf's expensive golf clubs in it. I think it was the fat neighbor cause there hasn't been any records of theft in this area before, especially after what just happened I know it's her that did it! I liked this place at first but the more I stay here the more I hate it. My other neighbor said she's looking to move too cause the landlord doesn't fix anything in her apartment and she's been here for two years.
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Brighton Wood

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