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Brighton Wood



Resident · 2010 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Parking: People do NOT know how to park. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PARKING SPACES. If you have guests over they risk being towed away. My neighbor is an a**. He dings my car just about every day. I know its him because my paint chips are on his door.When it is winter time the parking situation is even worse. People make up a space. And you often get stuck driving in to the parking lot and end up blocking traffic. They need to do a better job of plowing. Noise: Will depend on your neighbor. Again mine is an a**. Annoying barking dog. Sometimes its like all the dogs will have a barking contest. The walls are like paper thin you can hear arguments and people "doing the do". Also the street noise is pretty loud and so are the people there when they are checking the mail, walking dogs, ect. so inconsiderate. Grounds: They seriuously need to remodle the place. Plant some trees, lay down some grass, pain the building. Now that is just on the outside. On the inside the problems are numerous. I can deal with my kitchen being like a tiny crawl space (I live in the townhouse style apartments)but what i do not like at all is the old ragged cabinets that are falling apart. Under the sink it is like the wood is rotted. The place needs a new paint job ASAP. Also the dishwasher is about to fall apart and the garbage disposal always stink no matter how much bleach you pour in it. The celings have water damage and are discolored from it.I even had to call maintenace for leaky roof twice. Who ever painted the place neds to be fired. I could have done a better job myself. Paint is splattered everwhere on the moldings, fixtures, and such. The bathrooms also need to be updated. The sinks and vanity and light fixtures are probly the same sinc ethey first built the complex dacades ago. I absolutley hate that support beam in the middle of my living room. The stairs are creeking. I could go on and on. Safety: I feel pretty safe in this apartment complex even though it is on the main roads. No issues here.No shrubs on my side. Just building and dirt. Construction: REFER TO GROUNDS. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE REMODELED SERIOUSLY, or lower the rent. Maintenance: REFER TO GROUNDS. Also, they need to fix the heat source. Its either too hot or too cold. The heat is not being distributed properly througout the apartment. You will sweat upstairs and freeze downstairs. On a positive note, the maintenance guy is very friendly and fixes what he can in a timely manner. Staff: Needs to be better trained on the company policies. You call and ask a question and then when you call again you get told something different but that's if you can get them on the phone. They are terrible with this. I called about gettin gout of the lease and now they say I cant. Overall: I only moved in because I was pregnant, had to move out of the dorms, and didnt want to live on base at the time and this was the closest that I could find with a washer and dryer. Its less than 5 minutes to get to Elmendorf. I hate how they distribute the bill for water, I hate how they charge you such rip off late fees, I hate how they make it so difficult to get out of the lease, especially for military. IF they fixed the place up ALOT and their policies I would recommend. I cant wait until my lease is up. I just wonder what ridiculous charges they are going to come up with. Again I say, BEWARE !
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Brighton Wood

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