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Brighton Wood



Resident · 2007 - 2010
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Office Staff
I was living in that location prior to Weidner and during the Weidner Era before leaving for another assignment. Originally was in a single bedroom unit which turned out just to small for what I had brought with me in furnishings from Lower 48 - the apartment was also a furnace that made any movement inside the unit unbearable at times due to the extreme heat (I ended up having maintenance turn off my heat just so it would not be a baking 90 degrees). I moved to a two-bedroom a year afterwards and had to get used to the idea of the weird room layout (whoever thought putting a support beam in the middle of the living room was a bit absurd as it hindered everything in its location) - I understood it was for renters with heavy beds/waterbeds. The other item I found out shortly afterwards when I purchased a smaller bed (Queen) vs. my King waterbed was that these 2 bedroom apartments which had the bedroom upstairs was that the staircase going up was so restricted that you could not fit anything from Queen size to King would not fit around the stairs. This hopefully is now explained CLEARLY in any advertisement. I had to return my boxsprings and get a split boxspring in order to be able to get the bed to fit upstairs. Weidner came shortly into the picture when the original owner sold the property to them and Kasia was let go in favor of a Weidner employee team from the office area on Norman Street (about two complexes over from Brighton). The interior of the outside complex needed to be updated (loose rock beds on trees surrounded by wood blocks was asking for someone to fall down and split their head open on the corners/sides of the heavy planks). The added gates/fence between front and rear exit/entrances was a joke as it was a very cheap fencing and most folks ended up just manipulating them to open them up so there was no security with them. The cameras/lighting in the compound areas were not always working (cameras always seemed to be down). The parking lot was perhaps the biggest complaint for most people - primarily with individuals who had no clue how to properly park in a designated area. So yes, you ended up having vehicles that were blocked by folks who could not park properly and usually were too lazy to do so. During winter this became incredibly bad as we normally had a long time to wait to get the parking area cleared and each pass of the city snow plows just added to our problems with the increasingly higher mounds of snow which now blocked the exit area and had most of the vehicles stuck. People would constantly park vehicles on the outside of the parking area (designated as a no parking area as it was partially on the sidewalk) - nobody ever got ticketed/towed for this while I was there. Sadly, I was still there during the timeframe of the officer shooting which occured about 10 feet from my vehicle parked on the street side of the complex and I was there when we had a drive by in the rear of the compound with hooligans shooting at someone or something. For the most part, my next door neighbors were decently quiet/polite. There were some problem tennants but they seemed to be able to get away with their screaming/shouting during the nights without ever being removed even when APD was called in. As for the maintenance it was so-so...if you did not have something extremely urgent it would take a bit and thankfully I never had issues similar to what others complained about. My largest complaint was primarily the parking issues and the absurd random fee increases - The water payment plan whereby every tennant shared in the responsibility of their wasteful neighbors was criminal - no one should have to pay increasing fees each month due to other people's inability to properly utilize their water. The other increases in payments came and were really insufficiently justified with what condition the location was in and as before others complaining about the same issues with acknowledging that indeed these units are made for profit. You do not need to squeeze every ounce of dollars out of your tennant pool while offering lackluster service/performance and a location that was falling apart. Brighton was the ugliest location along Debarr Road - it was especially disgusting to look at when you had the Admiralty Cove area next to it. Even with some nice repainting (removing the old name from the previous owner), updating the parking area and repairing the fenceline on the left hand side of the apartments which was just falling apart in pieces, this apartment complex could have had a much nicer look about it and not suggest to the viewer that this was some sort of ------ housing, which sadly it resembled. Hopefully the location has been updated, repaired, repainted and maintained much better since I left in 2010, but with the limited availabily of decent rentals around the city, the Rental Agencies are able to post prices much higher than would be considered appropriate for the locations.
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Brighton Wood

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