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Brighton Wood



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
Pros: convenient location to Fred Meyers and Walmart, management seems nice Cons: you constantly hear your neighbors. Sometimes sounding like they are in your house. The complex turns off your heat on the lower level (which is the one they conveniently pay for) in the summer claiming if they don't, the apartments get too hot. I understand in June, July, and August but in April, may and in the fall, it gets cold as hell with my one window that never sees sun Dark apartment. Even will 20+ hours of sunlight, this apartment is really dark with one window Balcony is a nice perk but they are so close together that no one uses theirs cause it feels like an invasion of privacy You pay regular market rate for straight up ------. Usually places are cheaper. After all, you get what you pay for. But this place will charge you $1000+ for only some utilities and a rundown neighborhood Gated access is a joke. No spring so if the gate isn't manually closed, it remains open 99.9% of the time. The back gate is bent on the latch and doesn't even close if you tried. SUPER SAFE No professional cleaning between tenants. Most places will take a professional carpet cleaning from the previous tenants security deposit but that clearly didn't happen. I'm sure they took from the security deposit, but my apartment was left with womens hair (not mine) and wood chips or something in the carpet on the main and upper floor Speaking of the floor, there are two patches that are about 2x2' that you can tell they pulled up the carpet and patched the wood underneath very poorly. How do I know? Cause every time I step on one of the patches, I push it down more and more, making the hole sink down again. I don't even want to know what is under there.... I would never rent here again. Its suitable for about....$600 major utilities included. That is what it is worth. Not for nearly $1200!!
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Brighton Wood

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