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Indian Hills Apartments



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Brittaneyshane • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/19/2017
I'll post the full story below. But to save y'all a long read, the manager is awful and completely ----ed me over. Now I'm stuck paying $700 for an apartment that I didn't want and is completely disgusting. If you'd like the full story here it is. I had a last minute thing come up and found myself needing to move ASAP! So I decided to look at Indian hills apartments. They showed me one apartment and I loved it. I filled out my application at Indian hills Wednesday, august 16th, for apartment B6. I was approved the same day, and told them I would be in the following morning with my deposit. When I arrived at 10:00 in the morning Thursday, they told me they had rented the apartment I applied for only an hour or two after they had called me to tell me it's mine. Then they tell me they had another apartment that they could get me in. So they walked me to A5 and said that some spots in the floor needed to be fixed, but they could get it done that day but possibly the next day (Friday), but I'd still be able to move my stuff in Friday. I'd just have to leave it in certain places so they could fix the spots. When I walked in the place looked rough, and I didn't walk through the whole place, just stepped in, peeked around from the entry way, and that was it. They assured me I would be able to bring my stuff in Friday. Plus I liked the layout so much better. So I gave them my $500 deposit, $364 first months rent, and signed my lease. The lease itself says that I would move into apartment A5 Friday august 17th. Fast forward to Friday morning. I have my uhaul full of my stuff, and a key to apartment A5. I walked in and saw that not a thing had been done. I actually walked upstairs and the upstairs was just as bad as downstairs. Cleaning lady shows up and says she will get it cleaned. She sees the carpet and questioned if I had the right day. Maintenance comes in later and says they could spot clean the carpet and patch it up, and I could move in Saturday. Then the manager calls and tells me the apartment won't be ready till Monday. Then I get a call from another maintenance guy saying I needed to come look at another apartment because the one I signed and paid for couldn't be finished any time soon. So I drive back and look at apartment N2. It's a two bedroom town house, like I wanted, but a completely different layout and I didn't like it. And even it wasn't ready but they said they could shampoo the carpets that day and then come in next week to replace the stove that didn't work. But was told it's either this or wait a week to move in. Considering I had a uhaul sitting right there and no where to put my stuff I said I'd take it. I got to thinking, and I just really wanted the apartment I paid for. So I called the manager and asked if I could stay in N2, and move in to A5 once it was ready. I was told I could, but it wouldn't be ready for 2-3 weeks since they weren't in a hurry to fix it anymore, and even once it was ready I would have to pay $400 to transfer. ID HAVE TO PAY $400 TO TRANSFER TO THE APARTMENT THAT IS ON MY LEASE AND THAT I PAID FOR!! So I said ok, hung up, and bawled. After everything I've been dealing with, I just felt completely defeated. So Saturday morning comes and I have to unload my uhaul because I already had to pay an additional $60 to keep it overnight, and couldn't afford to keep it any longer. So I go to apartment N2, the apartment they stuck me with, and it was awful. I wish I could post pictures. They shampooed the carpet but it's still dirty looking, and coming up in a lot of spots. The kitchen was a disaster. It wasn't ready to move into either. It still needs a lot of work. Honestly needs the carpet replaced as well. But here I am, stuck for a year, paying $700 a month for a disgusting apartment that I didn't sign or pay for, and one that I don't want. I literally just want A5 fixed and to move into that one, since that's the one I agreed too, wanted, and paid for. But apparently that's too much to ask for. So that's my horror story with this apartment. I don't recommend living here.
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