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Tanglewood Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
First off let me say the office manager Debbie is very nice. Her personality is what sold me to move in and she has been nice through my stay. Outside the atmosphere is mostly quite occasionally some cars will drive thru that play loud music but those idiots are everywhere. The lighting at night is good around the parking areas, feels safe overall. I live in a two bedroom downstairs apartment. The walls are paper thin and not well insulated. One of my bedrooms, the smaller one, is closer to the sidewalk and I can hear everyone that walks by. This smaller bedroom also gets really cold in the winter. If I leave the door open to the hallway the cold air in this room keeps my thermostat triggered on. If I close the door the room just stays cold but my heater does not stay on as much, big difference in my utility bill. The living room is adequate but not quite big enough. The kitchen is small, if you ever get more then a few items then you have no where to put them. The next major problem is that the upstairs is leaking and shows water spots on my ceiling. Above my washer and dryer, where my upstairs neighbor s washer and dryer is I have a huge water ring so that means I probably have mold. I also have water rings thought the kitchen. The shower in the bathroom, the hot water only last for 10 minutes, so get in and get out, no long relaxing showers. When I lived in a mobile home with a buddy of mine in Auburn the hot water heater would at least last 30 45 minutes. The ceiling above the shower looks like it has sunk a bit. One day I would not be surprised if my neighbors shower falls through the floor and ends up in mine. Umm the next thing is the living room window. I went to raise the blinds one day and the support bracket came out of the wall/wood on the side of the window. When I tried to put it back I noticed the wood is rotted, guess water is getting in when it rains, I have no problem with my bedrooms window frames. When the property managers come by for inspection my ceilings get a new coat of paint on the water spots. I get to have white clean looking ceiling for one or two days after an inspection nice ! The location is nice, the price in affordable and includes cable, but I would be embarrassed to have people over I think a mobile home would be a step up. It s a roof over my head for the time being, but I am looking to move out as soon as I can.
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Tanglewood Apartments

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