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Cedar Creek Townhomes



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Cedar Creek Town Homes 457 Flint Hill Rd Bessemer, Al 35022 This is the WORST place that I have ever lived. The apartments look very nice but IT IS NOT SAFE AT ALL. This is pure HOOD! I had neighbors that banged, kicked, punched and slammed against the wall every day and night. I went to ask them if they would stop and they told me that THEY WERE HOOD AND THEIR FAMILY WAS AS WELL (Which made no sense. It was besides the question that I asked them). It got worse.... I I went to the front office to ask for their help in the matter and they told me that I must have been making it all up, that was discouraging. They told me they can't do something for every little noise, as if I were a bother to them, and then I paid rent the next day. The neighbors continued banging on the walls and I eventually called the police to make a report. THAT MADE IT EVEN WORSE... One nigh, around 3:00am, I heard a loud bang at my front door, followed by 3 more bangs. I then heard a loud crash at my back door. I called the police and it turns out that someone broke my back window out with a brick. I wrote a police report and showed the pictures to them as well... NOTHING HAPPENED AT THE OFFICE I went to the office around 11am in tears and they said their was nothing they could do because I didn't HAVE THE NEIGHBORS NAMES.... They said that I could break my lease, but that is all that they could do. I couldn't break my lease at the time so I had to go through more HELL AND STRESS. 3 days later, they egged my back porch, I wrote another police report... The office said that I am complaining... not even a week later, they egged my back porch... I wrote another police report... When I came outside, the neighbors on the side was sitting in seats positioned in front of my apartment saying that I was a snitch and they smelled bullsh**... Pretty much they were harassing me to the point where I was in tears and it made me depressed because I was paying for a place I couldn't feel safe in or relax in. 2 weeks later, my car began acting strange... I began smelling gas while driving one night and then my car began pulling and tugging. My car then shut off in the middle of the road and I had it towed to Pep Boys. That morning, around 9 am, I spoke with Mrs. Rosa, one of the mechanics at Pep boys, and she said that a foreign substance was put into my tank to cause some type of ring in my fuel pump to swell and cause my gas to leak and pour out while driving... I am so tired of being harassed and messed with! I use to sit on my front porch and meditate until a group of Men, and 2 women, walked by and said: You are with that weird ---- and began laughing. Then one guy was trying to speak (at night) and I turned to go in because I just wanted to get away after all the crap I had been through. When I didn't respond the women said "B*tch, they spoke you can't speak!!!" 2 weeks ago I heard another crash on the front porch, it was my neighbor throwing stuff at my porch. This time I saw him. I went outside and began calling the cops because the Owner told me he couldn't do anything with no names or better evidence. I had to go outside to get him on my phone while speaking to police. He didn't know I was calling and when I told him to stop throwing things where I live he began calling me a stupid B*tch and saying that he would kill my stupid a**. He said that I needed a N*gga to control me. I had the dispatcher on the line and the police arrived, again, about 10 minutes later. By then he had sped off yelling that he was going to his girlfriends house (Why did he tell me that). My hair started coming out and I started crying because I knew it was stress related. I went to the office again and recorded the conversation. The owner told me that if I tried to bring it to court, the Judge would laugh in my face because I didn't have my neighbors names. I don't know their names. The neighbors continue the banging on the walls and even daring me to call the cops. The other day, after getting tired of it again, I went over to ask them to please stop and they said B*tch call the cops, and began to laugh. I didn't even bother calling the cops or the office because it is just a joke to them. They just take the money and whatever happens happens. They Don't care at all. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Please read this review and know that it is all truth. I never thought I would go through this, and on top of it, they expect for you to just let people do anything to me, my apartment, and car. and I just tolerate it in silence. I am tired of it. Just save your money and move somewhere that is pleasant and safe. It is not worth the HELL that you will endure.
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Cedar Creek Townhomes

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