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Beaconview Apartments



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NMB1124 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/10/2010
I moved into the Beaconview Apartments in April of 2010. The first week there, a young man was shot dead, two feet from my apartment door! When I first moved into the apartment, there were at least 10 roach motels in my kitchen, and one in every other room in the apartment, I could not eat, IT WAS SOOO DISGUSTING!! I could not turn off the kitchen lights because this was when the roaches came out. My closet doors were off the hinges, I was told by the neighbors that the reason my apartment was vacant was because the previous tenants went to work and came home to find the door kicked in and their belongings gone! My master bathroom toilet leaked, so I had rust stains on the floor, and I had a hole in my living room ceiling. I lived there for a month and a half, put in 3 work orders to have the work done, that management promised would be completed my first week there, (the work was never done!!!) Maintenance walked in on myself and my 17 year old daughter 3 times within a 7 day period, just to ask me what needed to be fixed, and never showed up again. I complained that they are supposed to give me 24 hours notice to let me know that maintenance is coming, I was told by management that as long as they have a work order, they have the right to come in! I told her that the work order was over 1 month old, and no one had fixed anything yet! The loud music is horrible!! The complex is full of low income, low class people! Honestly! They clean the grounds up the last week of each month to lure unsuspecting renters! I moved into the apartment on April 22, 2010 and broke my lease June 1, 2010. THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!
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Beaconview Apartments

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