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Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I lived here for 2 years. About 2 months into my time here I found this website and read all the terrible things about people not getting their deposits back/being charged extra beyond deposit. At that time I'd already started to get frustrated with the gate, fitness center,parking etc. so reading those bad comments made me very nervous about getting screwed over upon move out. Well, I just want to say that when it came time for my move out date, I cleaned the apartment with "white glove" treatment, used a rug doctor on all the carpets, filled all nail holes, and did touch up paint through out. I then asked that the property managment do a walk thru with me so that they could point out anything I may be charged for. They walked thru with me and everything was fine. About 2 months later I recieved a full refund for my deposit. I must say I am relieved about that. There were several complaints with the BBB where former tenants had their credit ruined due to charges Kenely posed after move out. So my opinion and advice would be to go above and beyond in your final cleaning of the apartment,clean your carpets, do any and all touch up painting, and get a walk thru before you vacate the apartment. They will not do a walk thru unless you ask. I think the property overall was average, not really worth what I paid to live there. The gate never closed one single time in 2 whole years so don't believe them when they say "it'll be fixed next week or we're just waiting on a part we ordered". The parking is sparse so get home early. If you like your car, consider paying extra for a garage. You will get multiple door dings and scratches. Trust me on that one! You will get irritating memos left on your door regularly. You can expect to hear everything and anything your next door neighbors do or say-walls are paper thin! On the upside, they will sign for any packages you recieve and place them inside your apartment for you. They do valet pick up of trash 2 times a week. So do I recommend living here? Well, it's just okay but not great. It depends on what amenities you want and which ones you don't care about not having. Be smart at move out time and it should be fine.
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