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Redmont Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/08/2014
Living in Redmont Gardens was the worst decision I've ever made. The staff is literally incompetent, there's literally NO WHERE to park, yet they'll be sure to call and threaten to tow your car if you park anywhere slightly near a yellow curb. They are all really rude and literally never take anything their tenants say seriously. I've witnessed them being chewed out several times by residents, yet they still get nothing fixed. They've also been extremely rude to a few people I know regarding personal matters. Their maintenance staff is AWFUL, nothing is ever fixed, yet they will continuously sexually harass you and walk into your apartment without a word or a knock on the door... They've walked in on me in the shower a few times and they also like to remark about how "sexy" women in the complex are (I've asked a few different girls who live near me). The laundry facilities are laughable. I've complained several times, but all of the washers are broken to the point where you can't use them at all. If you find one that works properly, then be sure to never expect to own any white clothes again! They refuse to fix the washers, yet they install a SNACK MACHINE that also doesn't work?! Aside from how awful the staff is, the buildings are terrible. It's seriously over-priced, and that's putting it nicely. My ceiling had a huge leak last year, ruining my electronics. The roof was patched, but there's still a freaking hole in my ceiling. The shower will NEVER drain at all... Despite getting it "fixed" numerous times. The toilet leaks almost constantly and water has leaked into the adjacent bedroom. The walls are paper thin and the floors creak every where you step, and the radiators and window A/C units are NOT WORTH IT, they suck. But that's just my own opinion. The appliances are subpar, at best. And that back parking lot makes my blood boil... The lack of parking spaces causes people to park directly behind everyone else, causing so much headache for anyone who has to leave in the morning. And there's like one light back there, and you can barely see where you're going. The only reason I feel remotely safe is because it's located in Mountain Brook.
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Redmont Gardens

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