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Redmont Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/03/2018
When me and my family moved into our apartment, everything seemed perfect, the only downside was window units and how hot it got during the summer (then again we do love on the top floor), some windows they claimed opened never did from dried paint, wood roaches, sinks getting clogged. Typical stuff, But over time we noticed many of our service requests were either delayed or ignored several times by the office. I've even called the office an hour before they closed and no answer or even a call back. Next thing we know, we have notice after notice about our sons stroller or some trash bags left in the hallways (not only ours) and continue to pester us about simply leaving a car seat by the door for 15 minutes to get our son's to the car. The traffic through here? Terrible. They dont restrict it so we have college students racing down the street and revving motorcycles late at night, there are children that live in these apartments too and no consideration has been given to this matter by the office. Parking? Good luck. If you get home after 7 or 8 pm you won't have a space and will be forced to park either a mile away or risk your car being towed by parking behind the building where theres "reserved parking" with 5 out of 16 spaces taken. Neighbors are mostly college students and have come and gone multiple times over the last year. Only recently we had the police called on us and woke my son up to talk about a "complaint" they've had. So yes, if you want to live in a 100+ year old building that stays at about 90 degrees, want to risk your car being towed, the police called on you, the constant bug problem, the lack of communication from the office of high school girls doing nothing all day but can constantly harrass then this is the perfect place for you. Seriously don't waste your time or money in a place like this and be an idiot like me.
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Redmont Gardens

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