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Redmont Gardens



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Brett_B • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2019
The worst experience I've had with a rental agency. From day one I was lied to about the state of the apartment and what services they provided. It took 9 months and the threat of legal action to get a window fixed that was broken before I moved in. They also literally lied to me and told me that there wasn't a broken window, which they immediately changed their tune about when I sent an email LOADED with pictures from the day before I moved in. On top of that, every single window screen was torn back from the bottoms since they hadn't been changed in a decade. I had a hornets nest between my window and the screen. So much for enjoying the weather ever. When asked about this, the company recommended that since they didn't have any screens on hand, that I could just go to Home Depot and buy them myself. Which, no. I pay you for a service, you provide. Not to mention that since the windows hadn't been looked at in over a decade, the sealing between the walls and the windows was rotted to the point I could push my finger all the way to the outside paneling. This of course led to a healthy infestation of bugs and mice just waltzing in the apartment, which again, when they were informed of this, they said there wasn't anything they could do other than put a little caulk in the holes (caulk doesn't do anything to stop burrowers btw). Of course, this leads me to believe that the bed bug infestation I had to pay out of pocket to fix was a pre-existing condition. Of course they were willing to provide intermediary services to their exterminator who I'm absolutely certain was getting a kickback for not dealing with the infestation. Hell, he took 3 attempts just to get it down, and that was with me being inconvenienced and having to completely isolate the rooms for WEEKS. The only way I could even be convinced this wasn't pre-existing is if I could see the maintenance reports for the previous tenants of the entire building, because I don't buy it. To top it off, when renewal time came around, they lied to me about dropping off a letter describing "what a great deal the new rate would be" ($50 more per month, but they listed it as $50 less than "market rate" [a made up number for those playing at home] without listing what the current rate was. So much for slipping that by.). Instead of dropping off the letter, I found out from my father who just so happened to get a copy in the mail, at an address that was not the one in question. Why did I have to pay you to not provide a service??? Oh, because the legal system is broken and I am and still would be responsible for this company's lies. These people are literally the worst. ---- them.
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Redmont Gardens

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