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Office Staff
ocky • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2007
Here are the pros: 1. the location is great- it is close to schools, shopping, food, etc. 2. maintenance is pretty good- I've never had problems getting things fixed 3.the staff are friendly and helpful 4.the apts have nice layouts 5. valet trash service is cool. The cons: 1. too expensive- my rent has increased steadily and is now bordering on ridiculous (for the size) also the utilities have gotten out of hand, with no explanation as to why 2. NOISY ------ folks- this wasn't a problem for the first year, but two new residents in my building are completely ignorant. I have had to call the police twice AFTER trying to go over and politely ask them to keep it down after midnight 3. huge outdoor roaches that can apparently just crawl right under the front door. Thankfully, I have a cat to take care of them 4. few ammenities- I know they claim to have a resort style pool and media center and business center... well, don't believe it. The pool is nice, but tiny and overflowing with kids. There is no media center and the fitness and business centers are not functional Note on parking- there is always space, but be careful to not park "downhill". I have so many dents and scratches from other people's car doors that it is ridiculous. Overall, if you have the extra money to spend and aren't bothered by thumping music 3 nights a week, then you shouldn't have problems. My lease is up in a month, and I will be relocating. I simply can't pay $710 a month (rent water cable) and not be able to get a good night's rest. I personally think that if the owners would upgrade the so-called fitness center and business center, hire a courtesy officer to handle obnoxious neighbors, spray for the giant bugs, and include at least one utility in the rent, I wouldn't be moving.
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