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The Parc at Cahaba River



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 07/29/2005
I've lived in a 2BR apartment for about a year and a half. The apartments themselves are beautiful, though I will say that I've noticed more and more imperfections. The paint on the walls chips at nothing, the walls themselves are paper thin, so I'd suggest living on the top floor. The a/c unit (in my apartment, at least) is very loud, and the doors are all off kilter.<br> Noise is a problem - mainly loud cars and loud stereos. If you want peace and quiet, ask for a unit in the back of the complex. Anything near the gate is very noisy, especially on weekends.<br> I was told when I signed my lease that the $400 pet fee (yes, I said FOUR HUNDRED) was refundable. I called not too long ago and was told that it wasn't! Four hundred dollars just to have a pet?? I have ONE cat. Why do they need $400 for that?? I plan on having a go around with management if I don't get that money back. Either way, beware of the pet fee. <br> Also, if you like cable TV and high speed internet... You're out of luck. You have to use MediaWorks - a crappy company based out of Atlanta. They get their feeds from Dish Network and DirectTV. Everytime it rains it goes out and you get only a screen saying "acquiring signal." There aren't that many channels and most of my local channels are always fuzzy. The customer service is horrible. If you call and have someone come out to repair your service and it's something that you could've fixed they're going to start charging $25. Ridiculous!! What am I paying the $50 some odd dollars for? Certainly not the horrible service. The internet is also bad. There's only one speed to choose from, it costs $50 and has really bad lag spikes. The speed is very low and the modems that they provide just plain suck. I've went through three different ones in the time that I've been here. All three that they've given me have been different brands.<br> When you decide to renew your lease get ready for at least a $50 increase in your rent. If you want to move to another apartment you can get the current special, but if you just renew your rent shoots up.<br> The pool is incredibly crowded during the summer, but seems to be well-maintained, as are the grounds, though you have to watch out if you step on the grass because the inconsiderate people with big dogs (that aren't allowed according to my lease) let them go any and everywhere.<br> They renovated the fitness center and added a cyber cafe. Unfortunately they removed the laundry room to do this, so if you don't own a washer/dryer you'll have to find a laundromat somewhere around here to wash your clothes.<br><br>I like this apartment. They're really pretty and have a great layout (especially the 2br, very good for roommates since the bedrooms are pretty far away from each other). Unfortunately the service and quality is going down as the prices keep going up. That whole "full service lifestyle" is, like one other poster said, BS.
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The Parc at Cahaba River

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