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The Park at Callington



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
I can say that I agree whole hardly with majority of the comments here. I lived in Aspen not too long ago and YES the staff is HORRENDOUS, YES they still, YES maintenance is APPALLING & the sites (YES ALL OF THEM) are ATROCIOUS... all the way from home invasions to rapes!!! Before I even KNEW this site existed, I was informed from people who just moved away from there as recently as THIS & last YEAR that they steal your rent & claim that you haven't paid. Back then Brit, Talisha & others were there. I know that I was told one of those names. I mean for goodness sake, if they have to STEAL someone else's rent after they've paid, they need to find other means of compensation, i.e. part time jobs or higher paying jobs, b/c the tenants should NOT have to suffer. Also the attitudes of the staff were TERRIBLE, but I straightened that a$$ right on out & they weren't so BAD then. (sorry to get ETHNIC, but I gotta keep it real). Bottom line, nothing ever got fixed & they didn't care about anyone, not even themselves... hell I think some of the staff's apt got broken into! I cannot tell anyone where to move, but words from the wise & the other postings as well, LET ASPEN RIDGE, RUN & TRAIL BE & find you SOMEWHERE ELSE to live!!!
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The Park at Callington

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