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Bay Vista Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2016
****please read***** I'm only giving this awful place five stars so that maybe it will pop up and people will save themselves ALOT of trouble by NOT moving into this apartment complex!!!!!! I moved here early 2016 and was completely taken advantage of. The office manager is full of lies. The studio was so dirty after they told me it had been cleaned. I spent hours cleaning mold, dirt, killing bugs, cleaning the AWFUL carpet and after I moved all of my stuff in it and spent ONE night there I woke up with giant welps all over my arms and neck! It was INFESTED with bed bugs!!!!! Huge, adult size bugs were crawling around so I knew the infestation wasn't anything new. The neighbors thought they were cockroaches (I guess they weren't allergic to the bites like I was) and they said they sprayed every week for bugs. The office manager, MICHELLE knew she had not been honest with me and after threatening to call corporate she gave me my money back. It has been a complete NIGHTMARE!!! I lost my bed, my couch and tons of other things that the bed bugs had infested in that short time. I got my money back but am out hundreds of dollars in furniture. I have had to treat everything I own to make sure I do not carry the bugs to another complex and it is NO easy task!!!!!! Don't waste your time or money and save yourself the trouble!!!! Please don't move in here!!!!!!!
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Bay Vista Apartments

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