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Bay Vista Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2019
This experience made me not want to move in and I'm glad I did so. I always read reviews because they're helpful and the past reviews help me and they are true. First off, the landlord (DANA) sound so welcoming and wonderful on the phone. Low and behold it got worst as the days went by. She begin by not answering the phone afterwards even though she has rooms to rent and has my application along with my money. You can call all day long, she will NOT answer the phone. Mind you she has a caller ID ,so she knows who calling. She also has a baby in the office, along with a playpen. Probably why she can't answer the phone. She will not give you her bosses information so don't waste your time. She always has the door close or isn't there when she suppose to be. I had to actually stop calling and sneak up on her to catch her off guard with the door open to even get in touch with her. When I did she tells me two days before my move in date that it will not be ready. Wonder when she was going to pick up the phone and let me know that? Oh right because she never answers the phone anyways so why bother calling. I was going to move in until I found mold in the top of the ceiling along with the molded light and mind you she said it was ready to rent so she didn't even do a walk through before saying so. I sat in the office and watched her decline calls and not answer them So I saw that with my own eyes. She told me in two weeks (which has passed) she was going to call me and let me know when it's time to move in, but she hasn't. FIGURES! If you feel like dealing with a SlumLord and mold this is the place for you.
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Bay Vista Apartments

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