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Office Staff
Resident 1994 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2007
I have lived here since before some of these (very) young people making rude comments were even born. I sincerely hope anyone checking this site with intentions to rent will read this and realize I speak the truth. I recognize most of the people who wrote those comments and know the real stories surrounding the complaints. The facts are....this is a very safe and quiet community. The requirements to live here are much higher than most concerning age and finances in an attempt to draw mature and responsible residents. <br><br>Most of these young adults left angry because they were not allowed to party all night, pay their rent late....or not at all....or try to threaten and intimidate the office staff or other residents. Most were bad tenants and what they do not realize is how much their neighbors and the staff were happy to see them leave our peaceful community. One legitimate complaint concerned the bullet incident....but, of course, that also was an enhanced version of the story. It was an accident...although a stupid one ....committed by another young adult who had no business playing around with a loaded weapon. The staff was very concerned and took great pains to remedy the situation. <br><br>If you will notice most of the comments refer to anyone over 30 as "old". This should give anyone looking for a nice place to live a clue as to the authors. By the way...shame on all of you for the infantile name-calling. If you live long enough you will be old one day too and may have to endure the attitudes of the younger generation. Hopefully by then you will have matured enough to realize that in the grownup world you are expected to show respect for others and follow rules set up to ensure everyone may enjoy the peace and quiet they deserve. By the way....and I do know who you are....the comment about the "lady with the weird son".......that was the worst! That little boy was born with a physical handicap and his mother works hard to provide for herself and her child. <br><br>As for the staff...I commend them all for having the patience and ability to care for the business end of the community as well as more than 200 apartments and residents. <br><br>For the young authors who used this site to whine because they had to actually pay their rent or stop causing a disturbance to their neighbors......we at Country Club hope you are enjoying wherever you are living. We are just happy you left our community leaving the apartments open for others who will appreciate them and the people who work hard to make this a great place to live.
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