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1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816
1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816

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Quail Pointe



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missvickyv15 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended

Updated 06/25/2012

Reviewed 06/24/2012

I have been living in Quail Pointe since 03/27/2012 and I absolutely HATE IT!! The last straw was last night 06/24/2012 at around 12:30am when a cockroach crawled into my bed with me. That really freaked me out and that was the last straw. I am currently looking for someplace else A.S.A.P. Ive been dealing with these critters for over 2 months and I am done. This is my second review I am submitting because I noticed the first one was removed. I don't know how but it was removed. I submitted the review on 05/31/2012. Let me just start from the beginning. Once I moved in about 2 weeks later, I noticed that the A/C unit was leaking. I reported the issue to management several times but no one made any effort to come and fix it. Not only was the unit leaking but it was cooling at all. They would send maintenance and he would come in look at the A/C and explain what it needs blah blah and then he would politely say, "I'll be back later to finish it." BUT I DONT HEAR OR SEE FROM HIM FOR WEEKS. This happens at least 5 different times where he would come look at the A/C and say he will be back but he never shows up. I didn't mind at first because it was still kind of cool the last week of March and a couple weeks in April. But after it started getting up in the 80's and 90's thats when I started to push up on the managment a little. I complained for almost 2 months and finally by the time they fixed the A/C on June 06, 2012 I had damaged many towels due to trying to clean up all the water that leaked onto the floor. I had to use a mop bucket to catch some of the water because it was all over the floor. I have picures, and videos of all the water on the floor. I even have a few videos of the leaking while it was occurring. I would not advise anyone to move here because the service is ridiculous. Due to the excessive leaking for almost 2 months I believe I have mold forming in the apartment. I have complained about this issue as well but no one has done anything about it. I believe the place is also infested with not only these critters but rats or squirrels or something because I am constantly hearing scratching within the walls. I am at the point where I am taking matters into my own hands by staying in contact with legal services. I refuse to stay here throughout my lease and I will fight to be compensated for my deposit and back rent. Quail Pointe is not a safe environment and the managers: Caitlyn and Dana (and one other lady) are incredibly rude. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. And the more POOR reviews that I read about this place just makes me more angry. I refuse to go through this again. I'll make sure I always read the reviews/history on any place I may ever live in from here on out...two thumbs down...
Quail Pointe Manager10/24/2012

Quail Pointe does offer free of charge weekly pest control. This is explained at move in and we encourage our residents to take advantage of this option. Your request to be placed on the pest control log can even be on a continued basis if you request if. If you moved in during March, the temperature was well below the "emergency" status for air conditioning issues as you put it. It sound as if your condensation line was clogged, which will happen on an older property from time to time as the weather changes from spring to summer. Often we run our A/C during the day if it is warm but then use the heat at night as the temperature drops, which causes the condensation issue you spoke of. I feel confident the issue was addressed. I am sure you have video of the condensation line leaking before maintenance could rectify the problem, but I feel confident that if there was a persistent issue, your A/C unit was properly addressed or replaced. We always provide resident's with appropriate maintenance service. I apologize if you feel we fell short during your time with us. As you have now found a new place to live, we do wish you the best of luck. (Answer to the "Response from AAKIWIXX".... This is a professional site, profanity is not acceptable and to answer or provide some closure on your statement...We complete a move in and move outinspection on each apartment as our policy requires. Taking pictures is always your choice, as we do the same during our move out inspections.

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Quail Pointe

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