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1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816
1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816

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Quail Pointe



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xxkiwixx • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 10/23/2012

I lived at Quail Pointe for 1year. Within the first month I and my boyfriend were getting sick and did a mold test. It tested positive for black mold and I made OVER 10 attempts to get them to acknowledge the fact that there was mold in my apartment making me sick. When winter came around the heater didn't work and they NEVER came to fix it. It took them two weeks to fix the eyes on the stove so I could use them then they never came to fix the oven which smoked when you used it. When I left I made sure I DID NOT clean ANY of the mold that had formed over the walls in the kitchen and bathroom to prove that they had a serious mold problem that they never acknowledged. My blinds were broken from the day I moved in which they also never fixed so there was gaps were people could see in the whole year I was there. Then they have the nerve to ask me to pay them $125 for the blinds and $175 for the bathroom being dirty. Needless to say I called them and as ALWAYS they were unprofessional and rude. So they can send that ---- to a collection agency because I am not paying them for problems that they did not acknowledge while I was living there. DO NOT RENT FROM QUAIL POINTE!!!!
Quail Pointe Manager10/24/2012

I have yet had anyone including the city inspectors state, test, or conclude that there is black mold in a particular home here at Quail Pointe. If so, it would be a major issue, as we take it seriously and address it with multiple vendors in a process to terminate such problems from arising again. Meaning, a black mold policy is in place for such complaint. We require a move in inspection and we complete a move out inspection based on the move in condition. We charge based on what is broken, unclean or damaged based on the difference between what the resident put on their move in inspection. We also take a witness with us to verify the condition of the apartment and if necessary, in cases of large financial damage, we also follow up with pictures. You have the option to review your original move in inspection and our move out inspection to see where and why charges were posted to your account. We always give you thirty days to respond before an account is sent to collections. I would be more than happy, in person, to go over any of those above mentioned items. We always show our resident's the same respect they show us. We are here to professionally work through a problem, but to be targets of cursing as you did on this professional site.

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Quail Pointe

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