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1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816
1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816

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Quail Pointe



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llax • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 11/29/2012

I am a college student. Quail Pointe is the worst apartment I have ever lived in the area! I lived in four different apartments in this area. Quail Pointe is much worse than others in any aspect. The apartments themselves are crappy. The service from management is by far the worst. Usually you have to tell them more than three times to get attentions. I've been having problems with my refrigerator. It took them nearly two months to fix it. Rats run everywhere. I agree what one of previous reviewers said: "The management team are a bunch of liars & can care less about the living conditions. They stated that no one in my building has complained about rats & that's a lie." When I complained the rat at the beginning. They told me the rats are from outside trees. They didn't do anything. When my neighbors complained more, they simply handed us 2 rat traps. More than 7 rat were caught. Not safe. Gunshot just happened. http://whnt.com/2012/07/15/four-injured-in-overnight-huntsville-shooting/ I am currently trying to get out of there
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Quail Pointe Manager11/29/2012

As a member of the management team at Quail Pointe Apartments, I can say with certainty that if a resident reports a pest control issue to the office as we direct them to do so upon their move in, then Cook's will respond each Thursday unless it is a hoiliday. We have a new maintenance team and all emergencies such as appliances, heating/cooling, inability to secure your front door are among just a few of the things we come out both during the day and after hours on call. As I find it difficult to believe with the new team in place and the pace at which they work, there would be a refrigerator that would go wiithout being repaired for two months. If I were a resident that had a refrigerator that had not been working for two months I would be at the door of the leasing office every day until the issue was resolved. To my knowledge no such complaint or resident activity as suggested has happened. To address the Tree Rats, due to the utility tree trimming from power lines, there was a problem created by taking away their natural place of living which resorted the Tree Rats to move to alternate areas. I have had less that 7 people from dirrefernt buildings complain about the trees being removed and causing sightings of Tree Rats however; Pest control had effectively attacked any reported issues and rectify the problem. We as management nor would Cook's ever hand a resident traps and ask them to place them where a tenant wants them in their apartment. I would know this because a report is turned in to my office, signed off by a staff member and areas traps are placed in are documented. Bait is a common treatment. Traps are just a follow or back up plan. Regarding to the gunshot as you stated "just happened" as there are gunshots throughout the night in the cioty of Huntsville, our office had direct contact with HPD and any reports in our direct area of gunshots are reported to our office the following business day. We have not had a recent gunshot incident that involved ANY residents at Quail Pointe directly, so your information is not completely accurate. If you are currently trying to "get out of there" (Quail Pointe) Please feel free to come by and sit with the manager to discuss your concerns and I will be glad to go over what we can to to make your living at Quail Pointe better. I would like an opportunity to turn the situation around for you. Please come by the office at any time Monday - Friday 9:30 to 5:00 to sit down and speak with management,

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Quail Pointe

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 11/29/2012) Image of Quail Pointe in Huntsville, AL
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