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1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816
1010 Henderson Road Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816

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Quail Pointe



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asmcgimpsey • Resident 2012 Not Recommended

Reviewed 12/14/2012

I just moved to Alabama with my fiance and our daughter in Jan. 2012. we decided to stay here , which was the worst mistake of our lives! its awful. the day we moved in we walked around and took notes of everything that was wrong, turning it in. the things weren't fixed for months. only 2 months into moving here, we had severe mold from AC leak and also in bathroom downstairs and in the kitchen! we also had a hole big enough to put both hands through in our kitchen ! when we confronted to staff and maintenance they came out and put a TRASH BAG AND TAPE over the hole ! which is still there to this day! they claimed they would come and fix it and didn't. it leaks all the time. we had horrible AC leaks that weren't fixed they also taped that up as well! bugs are infested all over the apartment complex! we had roaches bad ,! its ridiculous, pest control wasn't solving the issue. and now here it is December and we have had several rats! and they are huge ! not small at all. they simply gave us A RAT TRAP and that was it! they really need better management here,there horrible they do not do over night maintenance ! that's a lie i haven't received it once while here! and my AC went out on a Thursday afternoon in the summer time, i called early that morning they claimed to send someone RIGHT AWAY..ended up having to call back several times through out the day. finally around 7 pm NIGHT MAINTENANCE called me and said he couldn't fix it till Monday because they don't have the tools. not to mention when he called he sounded drunk and half asleep. i told him i had kids here and couldn't wait till then. he promised to bring a Window unit the next morning. LIES! he never showed we had to go the whole weekend until we got AC. i had family over for the weekend and it was so embarrassing.! i wouldn't recommend this apartment to anyone, its a shame. i'm breaking my lease, moving the beginning of January , my fiance and i are more than ready to leave here!! i looked at the reviews and noticed there all BAD ! Quail Point needs to get it together and needs a whole new management!!! i paid 510 for a townhouse , which isn't even worth 400 dollars !!!! cant wait to move next week!! FUTURE TENANTS! THIS IS THE WORST MOVE OF YOUR LIFE YOU WILL REGRET IT
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Quail Pointe

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