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Twickenham Village Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
These apartments are adequate at best. They are a roof over your head, but not much more. When I moved in, the carpet had not been cleaned or replaced and was matted and stained. That should have clued me in! I knew the place was cheap, but I was told our apartment was one of the renovated ones... that means they changed the fixtures and put in new linoleum (cheap, cheap "renovation"). What they really need to do is fix the leaky roof and windows, replace the ancient heating and air systems, and tear out the worthless fireplaces (or for God's sake, clean them!). Oh yea, and you could probably do better renting a more expensive apartment somewhere that your utilities won't run over $150/month (that's not paying for water or cable, which are included in your rent). I know 2 story homes that are heated and cooled for less! The summer is the worst! Also, the parking lot is nasty... there are several tennants that do hard drugs, and I found a hypodermic needle in the parking lot... plus it is always filled with mud, dirt, and acorns... there is not proper drainage and puddles and mud/dirt just collect right where you park. There isn't adequate lighting around the place. Several area delivery businesses will not come to this complex after dark. Maintenace is adequate, when you bug them... although there are still have drainage issues in my bathtub... have to hold the lever down for the tub to drain after a shower. They do have good square footage and it is cheap... one of the only 2BR places that isn't set up specifically for roommates. But still, I'm looking hard to find something else!!!
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Twickenham Village Apartments

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