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Twickenham Village Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
NASTY! They don't keep them up at all. The roof leaks and now we have mold in our apartment. Our dishwasher hasn't worked since we moved in 8 months ago in spite of me complaining every month when I pay rent. The utility bills are outrageous at $300 a month! That is for electricity only! The walls are paper thin. There is trash lying everywhere on the apartment grounds. Maintenance is a total joke. They come in and say, "Oh yeah, we need to fix that. We'll be back." They NEVER come back. You complain the next month and it's the same story. Now we have sparks flying out when we turn on the stove or dryer. They've already had one fire. They'll either fix it or I'm calling the fire marshal out on this one. Don't move in here. It's one step up from living under an overpass on the parkway. After all, you've probably got holes over your head in the ceiling and you've definitely got critters crawling around in the attic above you (squirrels). For a 2 BR you'll end up paying out more than $800 a month to live here with your electric bill. Go for a $650 apartment instead of a $500 apartment and it'll come out the same with the cheaper electric bill but you'll be in a much better and cleaner place for $650/month - and probably without the shootings and drugs all around you.
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Twickenham Village Apartments

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