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2999 Woodway Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
2999 Woodway Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805

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Woodway Pines



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended

Reviewed 10/23/2005

I moved to Huntsville 3 hours away from my home in a small town of 2,000 people so I can go to Virginia College to get a better education. I should have never moved to these apartments. I have only been living here for a month and I have moved to a roach hotel! Here is what I have experienced in just one month....<br><br>When my mom and I walked into my apartment, it had a musky smell to it and it wasn't even five minutes my mom had to <br>step on a roach on the living room carpet. There were bugs on the wall, big carpet burns throughout the apartment and carpet burns on the bathroom tub and sink, a hole in the bedroom wall and dog mess on the "porch" and on the outside wall. After my mom and I inspected the apartment she called the manager immediately and told her about the roaches, the cigarette burns and the dog mess. The manager said she could not believe there are roaches there and would have someone come out and spray and get the cleaning management to get the dog mess up. I have been living here for a month now and the dog mess is still there after I have done called again a few weeks ago about the dog mess. She said she didn't know about it, even though my mom called in September to let the manager know and still nothing has been done. It doesn't smell that bad now cause it has dried up but it smelled so bad I could stand at the sliding doors looking out and smell it without opening the door.<br><br>The noise situations are horrible here. These apartments are poorly built. Someone that lives above me can be moving <br>about and the cracking is so loud it sometimes wakes me up in the night. Early in the morning someone above me makes <br>real loud banging noises like he/she is slamming the drawers so hard, it sounds like someone is trying to break in <br>through the front door. People sit in their cars in the parking spot and have the music booming so loud it <br>overridden my TV. Sometimes the noise doesn't even come from here. It sometimes comes from the Millstream apartments. People doing the same thing. Late at night they will be in their cars playing loud banging music. Loud music is a HUGE problem here.<br><br>This is a small one bedroom apartment. The kitchen is too small. There are only 2 drawers available and there is not even a drawer to have one of those plastic things to place your silver wear in. So my silver wear is just lying in a drawer. One drawer measures 5 inches in width and the other 8 inches in width. So you can tell you really can't store anything in there. There are two cabinets above the refrigerator I can't even use cause I can't reach it. My glasses, cups, plates, saucers are jumbled up together. Since I'm mentioning small spaces, the washer and dryer is small also. I can't put a whole weeks worth of clothes into the washing machine. I will have to wait until next week on what's little behind. I clean every week and because of that I have a lot to wash.<br><br>This place may look nice from the road but when you get up close to it it looks bad. The grass around the building <br>and the porch fence looks like it has been sprayed so the maintance doesn't have to weed eat. Talk about sorry! The <br>bushes were over grown with vines. A week or two ago I looked out my sliding doors and a maintance guy cut the vines <br>off the bush and just left the vines on my porch and in the walkway. It is still there! What are they expecting? Me <br>to pick it up?<br><br>Huge, HUGE roach problem. Ever since September 23 I have been killing roaches EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! Not day, night! <br>I might see one or two every now and then during the day time but at night it just horrible! I kill about 6 to 10 <br>roaches a night but now it's gone down to 2 to 4 roaches a night. It's mostly in the kitchen and now I'm having to <br>kill them in the living room and on the walls. Sometimes I'm not comfortable sleeping in my own bed cause I know <br>during my sleep and roach is crawling on me under the covers. It is so bad I was begging my mom to loan me <br>some extra money so I go to the Holiday Inn and stay a couple nights. I haven't seen any mice or a snakes yet but if <br>I do I will be gathering all of my stuff and out that night.<br><br>The manager cannot be trusted. When my mom and I came to Huntsville we looked around at different apartments. The manager told us it is always up-to-date on cleaning and so on. I told her I will have my cat with me and she said it was going to be $150 to have pets. So I was cool with that. I asked can we look at the apartment. She took us to one. Right when we walked in it was so nice. She said it was just painted and said they do paint the walls every now and then. I was satisfied and my mom was satisfied I was getting this apartment also. So, we signed everything and then we came back a few weeks later. Telling us the apartment she showed us is just a display. We were so disappointed. Then she said the pet fee is going to be $250 when she clearly told us it was going to be $150 a while back. While my mom and I were in my apartment we can tell it had not been painted when she clearly told us it was. If it was there would not be a hole visible in the bedroom wall.<br><br>My mom has to pay $367 for this? I can't believe some one would pay almost $400 a month to live in a place like this. It is totally not worth it. Before or after the holidays I'm having to get out of my year lease. I <br>do not live like this and will not continue to live like this. Just incase, I have taken a whole roll of film with <br>just pictures of live and dead roaches, the apartment and of course the dog mess that is still there.<br><br>Like I mentioned earlier, I have only lived here for only a month. It's no telling what I will experience after I post this. If you want to send me your questions or comments here is my email: [email protected] Please put Woodway Pines in the subject line so I know it's not spam. :D
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Woodway Pines

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