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2999 Woodway Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805
2999 Woodway Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35805

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Woodway Pines



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barloyd • Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/17/2007
I lived at Woodway Pines back in 2002 for about 6 weeks. The guy that lived next door, he and his visiting cousin broke into my apartment while I was gone for Mother's day weekend to my son's place in VA. They broke out the sliding glass doors completely and took everything. What they didn't take was smoked up from them smoking in the apartment while they were robbing it. The Police ended up doing nothing other then taking the report. Don't expect protection! <br>They sold off my things to their buddy's and anyone who was interested in the parking lot.<br>I couldn't live in my apartment because mangement had the door boarded up with plywood only nailed from the outside. Glass was all over the floor and never cleaned up by management.<br>After all this, not being able to live in the apartment and the management claiming that there was nothing else in my price range, They kept my deposit and the last two weeks of the month I had paid for.<br>Two years later after applying for a mortgage to buy a house, it's on my credit report that I still owed for 2 months bills and will not respond to my request to show proof that I owe the bill. Same with the collection agency that hass it. The only way to get it off my report is to sue them.<br>This place is a rip off just wait until you move for the rest of the problems you are now having if you live there.<br>Do not rent from this place. There is no security, parking lots are not lite and the police certainly won't help before or after a problem. As for the partying in the entry ways of the apartment? Nothing will be done to stop that and the residents others that don't live there will take out the light that is in the ceiling of the entry opening to the apartments. This place is very unsafe and crooks.
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Woodway Pines

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