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Colonial Village at Huntleigh Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 07/06/2005
I lived here for 2 1/2 years. I like the manager, Jude. She is understanding and very helpful. As for the apartments, I lived in the 1 bdrm and also a 2 bdrm and they were each ok. They could definately use some updating but the main issue that I have is with the carpet. Looks clean and fluffy until about a month or so later and then it turns matted and stains do start to show up. My air conditioning broke once during the summer time on the weekend and the maintenance man on call came out right away to fix it (kind of had the attitude that he was being inconvenienced) but I didn't really mind as long as my ac was working! Parking does kind of suck mainly because there always seemed to be limited parking spaces near my building due to other cars and what parking spaces that were available, it was hard to pull into because apparently people in my building were driving drunk when the parked (they liked to park crooked). As far as the neighbors go, The girl next to me liked to have the base turned up on her sterio but we kind of had an agreement that if either one of us was bothering the other, we would come to each other. Now, the people across the hall from me was a different story!!! They did like to drink and get loud til about who knows when in the morning but thanks to management (I'm assuming), didn't really hear anything out of them for the last 3 or so months I was there. I guess when you live in apartments that are close to a big university, there will tend to be stuff like that that goes on from all of the "partying" college students.<br><br>Hope this helps!
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Colonial Village at Huntleigh Woods

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