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Colonial Village at Huntleigh Woods



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lexi2chris • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
Breaking up usually hurts, right?<br>Well, so does moving when one is <br>doing so to better their health.<br>I believe people do try to do their<br>best in helping others; I also<br>believe there are "lip-service"<br>persons, if you will. The words can be sweet <br>as honey, but may be untrue. Kindness<br>attracts more flies than rudeness.<br>This is a nice place to live; it <br>really is! As long as you don't <br>"LIVE"--- I've experienced undue<br>aggravation. One can be bothered<br>and HURT unfairly. You take that<br>chance if you move here or perhaps anywhere one chooses to give there money to. There ARE<br>many professional and kind people<br>who work here; and there are also<br>those who I truly believe are demonicly<br>controlled. I simply have no other rational description or explanation. Are is it they feel compelled to be in CONTROL and overly aggessive and <br>mean in order to feel complete? Who knows?<br>There are all kinds of walks of life.<br>We are all different. We all have our customs, beliefs, lifestyles, differing backgrounds and upbringings, as well as <br>experience of living all over the world <br>and in the heart of the nations' crises<br>state after 9-11.<br>This is a time we are to come together in<br>unity. This is not a time for strife and discord--for none of us know the time nor day nor hour of which it will be over here as the world we know it. Be kind to strangers--for<br>one may have entertained an angel without<br>even knowing it. Mirror what you want to hear. Think before you speak and speak kindly and softly. ( I miss BETH!!!)<br>Poor girl, she probably got run off by a rude<br>tenant, who knows. She was excellent and is missed much (as is Shelly). <br>In all honesty, of course, this really<br>is a pretty environment. The grounds were<br>just retarred/paved. It looks very clean.<br>The groundskeeper is awesome and he<br>works hard at picking up trash left behind<br>by inconsiderate tenants.<br>Why not take some pride in where you live?<br>The pool is always prestine, the tennis court is doubled and a nice recreation to sit and watch players. Summer-time is nice here for little ones.<br>Parking not too bad for me. No theft or vandalism occurs here, to my knowledge.<br>Except for some idiot who kicked in the coke<br>machine's frame. ( That was not very nice and<br>God knows who you are.) You cost money to <br>all of us by vandalizing.<br>The brochure is almost 100% true and accurate.<br>There is a nice workout room with a water<br>dispenser and TV provided.<br>The pool is simply perfectly maintained.<br>The maintenance men are working hard,<br>as always. I often times feel sorry for them<br>b/c they have sooooo much work to do, and such little helping hands. They work hard<br>and have to contend with dissatisfied<br>tenants who have been placed on some sort of <br>"waiting, waiting, waiting" list. They do<br>their best to accomodate your needs.<br>I wish to commend James. He has not only<br>been extremely kind, but, very helpful, with<br>providing help even when his time was limited.<br>Mr. Victor works hard as well, and knows this<br>place INSIDE out!!!! What a man! He really<br>knows the ins and outs of this complex and<br>is VERY experienced. We only need a few more<br>good men like these to help give these guys <br>a reprieve of all the hard work they do from dawn to dusk; and on-call after hour calls.<br>Jude is my favorite as Shelly and Beth have been relocated. Kelley, who is the newest here at this locale has been with the company<br>many years and is educated as well of the<br>complex. She seems to offer herself as best as she can without being overworked.<br>Ya'll all work hard bu--- maybe we need a few<br>more of ya. <br>This would give you a better opportunity<br>to provide true quality care to the tenant<br>as there are soooo many of us!<br>Thanks for all the SWEETNESS I "have" experienced.<br>This helps bandage all of the hurt I've<br>been exposed to here as well.<br>There is always a balance and we must just<br>take the good with the bad. When I'm given<br>lemons for life here, I make the best merringue pie I know how. However, the zeal FOR life can be so easily threatened by just ONE "out-of-line" person who REPRESENTS HUNTLEIGH Woods/. The "victim", if you will, must do their best to keep their heart from getting hurt by the least expected source <br>of line of work. Keep your hope in the Lord,<br>and NEVER rely on earthly man---you WILL be<br>let down and left despondent and crushed in spirit.<br>No place is PERFECT; neither is person.<br>But, if you just give these people a chance,<br>they can really be helpful.<br>I ask God to Bless all of those who work here.<br>I also ask God to Bless the "courtesy"<br>employees. Bless them with the pureness of heart<br>that there REALLY are kind people in an unkind world.<br>I'm one of them.<br>Please read replies to other posts made.<br> AMERICA--BLESS GOD**************<br>God Bless all of you and yours<br>In complete sincerity,<br>xoxo
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Colonial Village at Huntleigh Woods

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