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nolongerarenter13 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I and my husband have been tennants at this complex since January 2006. During that time we have dealt with rude office staff, offensive neighbors, and hidden fees. We kept to ourselves and paid our rent on time every time. However, one day I came home to discover that someone has tried to jimmy the lock on our door. When I reported this incident to the office, they replaced the locks and keys and asked if anything was stolen. I replied that fortunately they had not gotten in. The staff member then began to demand that we pay for the locks/damage to the door because she thought we did it ourselves!! On a separate and even more offensive occaison, someone did "break into" our apartment on the same day as a scheduled maintenance for a/c filter changes, leaving everything untouched--aside from a tupperware bowl of urine in the refrigerator that is!! We were mortified and threw away all our refrigerators contents, cleaned it out, threw away other personal items from around the apartment and called to complain to the office. The staff member was very insensitive saying that we were making it up. She even went as far as to ask if we still had the urine as proof! Yeah, I'm going to keep that around! Now that our lease has run out and we are getting out of there, they are trying to make us pay the full month's rent plus a pro-rate for the following month because we did not give a 30 day notice that we are moving out. Our lease and our leasing agent both confirm(ed) that this 30 day notice is only necessary when you plan to stay. This complex is horrible! Do not rent or recommend this place!
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