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Southern Oaks Apartments



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kamadiba • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2010
I moved here in the summer of 08 before I started college. It seemed nice and the staff was friendly. For a while things were okay. I had a neighbor from hell that would call and complain constantly about me. I never had a party or played loud music. What she heard was me walking. This complex is old and you can hear every step the person above you makes. As well as toilets flushing, cabinets closing, and doors opening and shutting. This is from all units around you. You have to pay do do laundry. $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry. Although you have to add extra if you want your clothes to actually dry. They are going to stop paying for water starting in January. It will be an extra $20-25 a month. Rent also increases every year. The grounds are nothing special. Parking is terrible. People will leave cars or motorcycles that do not run or get driven in prime spots for months. After 5 you can forget finding a spot close to your unit. They just recently added lights in the parking lot because of all the robberies and break-ins. Crime is terrible here. They have had to invoke a curfew. I was told at 7:30 pm by a cop that I needed to get back to my apartment because it wasn't safe. The office staff isn't worth much. People blare their car radios at full volume at all times of the day. The A/C constantly breaks and needs to be replaced but they are too cheap to do it. The roof leaks, paint peels, wood splits, and there is almost no insulation. The only good thing about this complex is the maintenance staff. They are always willing to help and fix problems. Very nice and professional. Needless to say, this complex is in the gutter. The neighbors are dubious criminals. I suggest you not even visit this complex.
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Southern Oaks Apartments

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