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Southern Oaks Apartments



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billytoshiba • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/18/2010
I have never in my life felt so unsafe. Right before Thanksgiving there was a break-in at one unit, where a flat screen, laptop and some other personal items were stolen. People appear to be watching you constantly. Courtesy officers have to patrol even during the daytime now. My neighbor told me that she was outside at 7:00 or 7:30 at night and the courtesy officer told her it wasn t safe for her to be outside. There has been much theft of personal items left unattended on porches or near doors. At times it feels like I m living in the projects. I feel completely unsafe to even allow friends and family to visit. Recently the neighbor and I have been teaming up, watching out for each other. It doesn t feel like we can completely depend on the staff or courtesy officers. I m not certain what happened to this complex, it didn t used to be this bad. Now it feels like I have to be locked in when I get home, never touch the blinds, and keep the lights on. The types of people moving in are very inconsiderate of their neighbors. Loud music is blaring constantly in the parking lot, while the driver just sits there. The music will also be booming as they are driving by at all times of the day and night. Trash is littered in the parking lots at times; I have even walked across prophylactic wrappers thrown on the sidewalks. Now is this something you would want your child to see? There is an apartment wide curfew at 10:30pm, including no use of apartment amenities outside of your own apartment (i.e., the laundry mat, pool, workout area, or basketball/tennis courts). You aren t allowed to do anything out of your own apartment past that time; what is this? Martial law? The condition of this complex is poor. The sidewalks are uneven and broken in areas. There are spots that if you aren t paying attention, you will trip on a piece of protruding concrete and injury yourself. The walls are ultra thin, so you will hear everything everyone is doing, I mean everything There are many other areas of complaint to include, but if you read other tenants previous posts, they pretty much explain everything else that is wrong with this complex. Since you have enough sense to research the ratings of apartment complex and are reading the reviews, then please listen to what everyone here is saying. Even the price doesn t make it worth living here. Just pay the extra $100 or so and live somewhere else where you can have peace of mind. Sure, this complex is close to the University of South Alabama, but there are nicer apartments being built on Schillinger Rd around Cottage Hill and Grelot. Get up a little earlier and spend a little less on non-essential items to live somewhere nicer and safer. Nothing screams home about this complex. Oh, and if you absolutely think you still want to live here make certain you understand the regulations and fees of breaking your lease early.
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Southern Oaks Apartments

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