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Southern Oaks Apartments



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beautychild22 • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2012
I have lived at Southern Oaks for 3 years. At the time when we first lived here, our manager was Denise. She was very sweet, very helpful with a beautiful family. There weren't any problems, Nice pool area and the parking was helpful due to the fact we needed handicapped. On occasions there would be problems with having to park but nothing that couldn't be resolved. I loved living here and I felt like it was the perfect home away from home since after my Grandmother's divorce. Denise ended up no longer being the manager and had to relocate so there was another one. I can't remember her name and since I will start telling you why I wouldn't want anyone moving here, I will not place any names due to legal reasons. The next manager we had was very understanding. Our lease was about to come up and we had decided to have it renewed but we wanted to switch from the two bedroom into a townhome. We were told that unless our apartment has been clean, as far as everything including carpet, making it look the way it did when we move in, then the manager would have to come look it over and approve. She stopped by to approve everything but told us that she would get back to us after the weekend. So once the weekend was over, I stopped by the office to get an update since we were preparing to move into the townhome. The manager explained of the amount of concerns for the apartment and that to check back in a few more days. So we decided to give her a week. I went inside for the last time and found out that she was no longer there... A new manager was already there and she was sort of rude, explaining she had worked for southern oaks 16 years. She had short blonde hair. Her assistant was polite when I explained our situation. We were very upset because We did not renew our lease because we assumed we were waiting for a response. The previous manager explained to us not to worry and everything would be fine. My grandmother is on disablity and has a tumor in her heart. She gets ill from time to time and I take care of her. We tried explaining the whole story to the new manager but all she kept saying was the lease should have still been renewed. So instead we tried reaching the regional manager. Still no one answered my emails or calls and one day, being home, we got a knock on the door and both managers (the regional and apt manager) came to our door serving us eviction notice papers. I will stop telling my review here because it brings tears to my eyes. I loved living here and I did NOT want to move but I was NOT going to tolerate us being treated that way. We paid every single bill including RENT ON TIME and hadn't had one problem with anyone up until those few weeks. I'm not sure what the issue was with the second manager, maybe she was doing things she wasn't supposed to do but that was not our problem, it wasn't like we knew her personally. All we thought was she was doing her job and it was okay. We had sat down and everything, filled out paperwork and she said she would get back with us on renewing the lease. I remember my gma being so sick day that I started taking over on getting the update about it. I'm not sure how southern oaks is right now, idk if that third manager is still there. But I hope no one else has to ever deal with a problem like this. They should never mistreat anyone or speak sarcastically to anybody. Especially when you have residents that have faithfully done their part for 3 years..... Maybe the new manager assumed we were just regular people lying to get over on our lease....My grandmother is a minister, on disablity and I am now a certified nursing assistant. We have no reasons to get over on anyone. We have been to a lawyer but I am at a point in my life where I've moved on so I no longer ask my family anything else about an update. However, By the grace of god we found a HOUSE in a matter of 30 days. It took two days moving but on the third when we went back to get the rest of our things, they had changed the locks on the doors.... We lost everything else we owned including the couches. We were NEVER Served with papers from a sheriff or the court stating for us to immediately leave. We were treated as if we never took care of that apartment. We were automatically categorized as the terrible tenants. Good luck to anyone staying here and may god bless you....
Southern Oaks Apartments Manager05/17/2013

Our online reputation is extremely important to us. While we love reading notes from our happy residents, we work diligently to address and correct the issues posted by the negative statements as well. As the manager of this community, I have 20 years of property management experience and our maintenance supervisor has 35+ years. We are both dedicated in establishing trust and in building a strong customer service program that delivers promises. We use the National Apartment Association lease agreement, which is used by thousands of apartment management firms across the United States, and is respected as a fair and responsible agreement for apartment leasing. This lease is available for review prior to leasing. https://www.bluemoon.com/products/forms_online/print/index.php?state=AL&form=ALL&sample=1 When there are management changes, it's usually attributed to the need for immediate improvement or to maintain a stronger stability of a community. In many instances, a new manager is faced with making difficult decisions, which directly affect those not in compliance with the lease agreement and/or community policies of the property. Upon these occasions we handle each issue accordingly, providing fair and equal treatment to all. It's important for us in working to continually improve the quality of life within our community. We encourage residents to contact us either by phone at 251-344-1814, an office visit in person anytime M-F, 9am-6pm, or an email response to: [email protected]

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Southern Oaks Apartments

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