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Southern Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/21/2013
The management staff of this apartment complex is a complete joke. They love to throw their authority around but don't actually know what is going on in the complex or even in your lease, especially the main manager. She is extremely rude to residents and is the main complaint of the complex. I really think that if she was gotten rid of and someone with some level of intelligence and decency was put in as manager instead the entire complex would run much smoothly. You never know when you are going to get a note on your door that something is going to happen but they can never tell you when exactly or how it is going to happen. They have no respect for residents privacy at all here. I understand that they should have the right to let themselves into the apartments if there is a major problem with that resident or that apartment but for a good resident who never is late on anything it is not okay for them to force themselves into our homes over the smallest things with no notice whatsoever. I feel completely uncomfortable in this complex, I never know if they have let some random worker into my home when I wasn't there without letting me know about it. And they will do it over something little that could be taken care of when you are home. Please do yourself a favor, especially you pet owners DO NOT MOVE HERE! I won't get into all of the problems with having a pet but just know that this is not a pet friendly environment no matter how much they say it is. You are not allowed to walk your pet anywhere on the property, you must rush your pet across parking lots and jump a drainage ditch to get to some public property that you can walk your animal on. If your animal makes the smallest noise you can expect to get a nasty phone call and they may even tell you that you must remove your animal from the property permanently. But please do not think this means they will do anything about the loud parties other residents like to throw every weekend after the office closes, you will still get to hear all of those drunken obscenities through your barely insulated walls more often than you like. Just trust me, it looks great during the tour but actually living here is hell.
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Southern Oaks Apartments

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