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Southern Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2009
This is an Honest Review of Southern Oaks Apts. I have lived here for almost 4yrs and the only reason I have not yet left is that... 1. I'm tired and don't feel like moving all of my junk right now. 2. It's just down the road from U of S. Alabama. I came to this apt. complex not knowing what it looked liked. At the last second I decided to attend USA for grad school, so I had a relative come and check out the complex. He said it was decent, so I figured what the heck. At the time rent was under $500 a month for a supposed 1 bedroom 'townhouse'. So after a few calls, I drove on down, signed the papers and moved my stuff in. At first the apt. was okay; but it was very far from parking and in an area known to flood a lot. It was the Mighty Mississippi during a storm, just outside my door. The parking is horrible if you have to park in the main lots that require you to have a decal. Monday through Friday after 6 or 7 pm don't plan on parking there. You'll have to plan on parking in the other lot, across the complex and backpack it back. This is really a pain when you have a lot of groceries and more than 1 trip is required. Never had any problems with the neighbors, they were really nice. The occasional yelling at each other...wait that was everyday...but it was entertaining. I've noticed when you pay your monthly rent with a check it was never taken out ASAP; instead it was more like a week or 2. Back to parking... There doesn't seem to be any patrol around the parking lot. Cars would be parked in fire lanes, or plain out behind other cars where you couldn't pull out without hitting them. I do remember one break in, in the parking lot in the early morning. There were at least 4 or 5 cars involved. My new neighbors are horrendous. There are times I feel like I'm in a club, with rap music blaring from all sides. Do not hesitate to call to complain, I have done so on numerous occasions and had the courtsey officer come bang on their door to stop. Yet they still play their music loud and it seems no actions were taken against them whatsoever. I question whether the management staff is truly doing anything about it, I have complained and complained yet still the same old problem! The apt I'm living in is really dumpy. There are water stains on the ceiling and down the walls. The paint has even puffed out, peeled and the wood is splitting. The maintenance guys are great, but there is only so much they can do. If you have a problems they will come ASAP and fix it. My problem lies inside the walls, there are leaks, no insulation, (elec bill ranges from $240 during the summer with the AC set at 78, this is just a one bedroom apt! You would have to turn everything off and run nothing to get your bill at $80), floorboards broken and the carpet is horrible, even if it's brand new. The electrical wiring is a fire waiting to happen. The ceiling fan's main wire is exposed going from the ceiling down the side of the wall into the wall socket. The landscaping is HORRIBLE!!!! There is nothing pretty about this apartment complex, it is UGLYYYY. I can not stress how unattractive this place is, from the building itself, to the grounds. There are stray cats everywhere and they roam the complex day in and out. Maybe they need to be paying rent too. Now Laundry, there are two mats if I remember correctly. If you put more than two t-shirts and shorts, it WILL still be dirty. The washer uses very little water and your clothes come out wet, but not clean at all. Half the time there is at least 1 or 2 machines broken, so if you don't start washing at 5am you will have to fight for the 7 or so washers per mat. I would recommend scrubbing your clothes in the bathtub and using a blow dryer or let them hang on the balcony. Save yourself the misery and choose a different complex, this place is sinking faster than our economy. On one extra note, if you do take a tour of this apt. complex, notice all the vacant apartments...there is a reason for that. At least some people have sense. Wait until management starts giving away free Nintendo Wii or flat screens TVs and free rent, like other complexes around this very humid city are doing. Not much longer and I'm free...
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Southern Oaks Apartments

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