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Greenbriar Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2004
This was my first apartment and it was nice during the summer months, but when winter hit it looked run down. The apartment was spacious and my immediate neighbors were nice. <br><br> I really liked the Property Manager and she was always helpful. Anytime I had a problem in the apartment maintenance did come and fix it. Though sometimes they had to come back out because it wasn´t done right the first time. <br><br> When we moved in we were told that a great many things needed to be done to the apartments such as painting the railings, re-shingling the roof, treating, buffing, and staining the balconies and stairs. So instead of a deposit, we payed a fee in order to help maintain the complex which I think was fair. However, during the year and a half that I lived there, only the roof was re-shingled and that happened at 7:30 AM. Our balcony never got fixed even though we had said that it was loose and the some of the rails were coming off. <br><br> Maintenance was very nice to us, they even helped us with some of the heavy stuff when it was time to move. <br><br> We moved because at one point there was no security on the property for an entire month and the lights on the stairs were constantly going out and it took almost a week every time to replace the bulb. After an incident involving my roommate at the time, we decided to move because we no longer felt safe. Except for the people who had to work at night, not many people would go outside after the sun went down. I had a dog and it became a problem because I was too scared something might happen to me when if I walked out my door. <br><br> It was a nice place for a first apartment, but we had to move because we no longer felt safe there.
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Greenbriar Apartments

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