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Aspen Village

2201 48th Street East

Tuscaloosa, AL 35405



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uagrad04 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
In addition to living at Aspen Village III, I also lived at Country Club & University Downs II.<br><br>Compared to those Aspen Village is far superior. <br><br>Pros:<br><br>THE OFFICE STAFF...they were the best ever!!<br><br>My apartment was quiet & felt scenic.<br><br>Parking was not a problem. (I did have a 1BR)<br><br>The exterior of the buildings were well let (so much that I had to put up curtains to keep the light out when I slept.<br><br>The maintenance guys actually knock before coming in, and do a great job.<br> <br>Cons:<br><br>It seemed like the hot water would go away too fast, if you had a guest over be ready to wait for more hot water after the they take a shower. The hot water heater was too small.<br><br>As everyone else has said, the front part of 48th St. looks very slummy! The people who lived at those places would constantly try to be in the pools too, but mgt. put a stop to it. The road is in bad shape there too. It is the only way in and out as the street dead ends at the end of Aspen Village 3.<br><br>Being a student, the traffic from there to campus was a headache during the day. Skyland & MacFarland Blvd. are both very busy. I learned Hargrove to Kicker Rd. was the best way.<br><br>I am considering moving back to Tuscaloosa, and am about 75% convinced I will try to move back in there.<br><br>Overall I give Aspen Village III an A-.<br><br>As for Country Club: Traffic is bad around there all the time on 69. It takes forever to get off Mimosa Pk Rd onto 69. Other than that they are alright. I'd give them a B.<br><br>University Downs II: If you like to party...well host parties...then this is the place. It is loud all the times, and guests never parked in the guest parking zones. Living by the pool made it impossible for me to park anywhere near my apartment some nights. Lawn furniture was stolen off my deck (ground floor). The tracks were about 50 yards away. Maintenance guys just scream and let themselves in. It is close to campus, and there are good times to be had there. It was an OK place to live just for those reasons. <br>My advice is to make friends with someone who lives there, and live elsewhere. I give it a C-.
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Aspen Village

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