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Woods at Johnson Mill

3906 Celeste

Johnson, AR 72762



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ineedahouse82 • Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/02/2009
After living at Clear Creek for nearly two years, I have met more than half a dozen managers. Most of which are fine but the current manger is disrespectful to tenants. The Regional manager ----- is cheap and has no concern for her customers. One of my neighbors needed a new door frame because his door had been kicked in by previous matainence men and she wouldn't fix it. It was leaking cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter and she said it wasn't her responsibility.Another thing that is not her reposibility is the air filters. Also the pool had no furniture out, you have to lay on he concrete if you want to lay out. They claim they are luxury apartments but NOTHING is!!!! The sinks are all plastic, the floors need glaze, otherwise you can do like me and scrubb them clean on your hands and knees. The gym is ------, only half of the equipment work properly and the radio in there was a left behind 70's model. Antoher thing is there are signs posted all over the property reminding dog owners to clean up poo, but no one cleanes up after their pets. I tried to have a picnic with my child and couldn't find a sinlge place to lay a blanket because of all the poo. IMPORTANT!!!! They want you to pay an additional fee to park at this facility!!! IT is a new permitted parking system and all vehicle will be towed at owners EXPENSE if the vehicle is not permitted. This is not something I signed up for when I agreed to my lease. This policy was implemented on July 1 2009, and as of 7 pm July 1 more than 20 cars of resdients had been TOWED!!!!! The free parking is limited and the covered parking is an extra $20 a month for a covered spot. The mamnger ----- actuallly told me she expects me to pay additional fees on top of my rent!!! I am MOVING ASAP!!!!! I was happy with this community but NO LONGER!!!!!
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Woods at Johnson Mill

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