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Woods at Johnson Mill

3906 Celeste

Johnson, AR 72762



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/19/2009
My wife and I have currently lived at Clear Creek apartments for approximately six months of our one-year lease. Though our initial perceptions of the facilities and location were positive, we have since become more and more jaded to this complex. I would not recommend this community for prospective tenants per the following complaints: 1. Parking: As of 7/1/09 Clear Creek has gone to a permit parking system. This process was inept from the start with an antedated letter (June 11) slipped in our mailboxes on June 29. It stated we had until 6/30 to place stamps on our windshield and towing of violators would commence the first week of July. Though ridiculous, my wife picked up our stamps immediately. In my estimation, parking has grown worse since the sticker program was implemented. I can no longer find a parking spot in front of my building and have, on several occasions now, been forced to park two (and even as many as five) buildings away from my own. Even before the stickers, parking here was an absolute joke. My area of the community has 12 units (allowed two vehicles per unit) sharing a total of 14 unreserved parking spaces. You do the math. The ratio of unreserved to covered spots is ridiculous. On any given evening, every spot will be filled, but you will find at least 50% of the covered spaces without a car in them! Some buildings have only covered spaces. Add to that, there are often blackouts in my parking area moments when people with reserved parking spaces will opt to park closer to the building in unreserved spots, leaving those tenants without a reserved pass ($25 extra dollars a month per space) without a place to park. The whole parking system here is ludicrous. Upon this ground alone, I would recommend looking into other apartment complexes. The issue of motorcycles is also starting to get out of hand. We have one motorcycle in each parking space. In light of all this, Clear Creek desperately needs to consider making more parking space in different areas and hosting a think-tank to provide better service to its tenants. 2. Luxury: This term is highly subjective and relative. If we mean luxury in relation to government-subsidized housing, yes this complex is luxurious. However, having crown molding in one room is hardly luxurious. Our unit came with neither the cabinetry in the bathrooms nor a shower door as we saw in the model unit. The appliances are far from luxury and are no better than the last apartment we rented (which made no claim of luxury whatsoever). Most of our doors did not shut properly when we moved in. When I submitted a work order for this and other issues, I was told the matter was not of pressing importance to them as they had other issues to tend to. The bare minimum is hardly luxurious! 3. Amenities: The fitness room is hardly state of the art as this complex advertises. The event room (TV, kitchen, and billiards table) might be nice if it had hours in which tenants could use it! That room closes by 5 o clock each day and by noon on Saturdays (not even open on Sundays). Add to that, they would not get me a working key to the rooms for the first four months of my lease. The pool area has no furniture save a lowly, useless pedestal table. 4. Grounds: As other reviewers have noted, the grounds are not consistently maintained. The landscaping crew is here sporadically, but the biggest problem is the animal defecation and subsequent nonchalant attitude taken by tenants and management towards rules explicitly stated to clean up. Trash seems to be everywhere, also. 5. Office/Maintenance: Each of my experiences with the staff has been a nightmare. The crew is hopelessly inept and unable to fulfill the simplest of directives. My wife recently submitted a work order requesting new weather stripping for our entry door. This dumbfounded our elite staff. They wondered why she would ask to seal the door off as if we did not intend on entering through that door anymore! When they finally got the clue, the weather stripping was too large for the door opening, and we now cannot latch the deadbolt without applying excessive force to the door handle (or risk breaking our key off in the lock). When we moved in, we found paint everywhere. We have been unable to get all the paint out of one of the bathtubs and some spots in the dining and living room carpet. In light of that, I will admit this complex has some positives to boast; however, the sum of them added together cannot overcome the glaring issues I have highlighted here (and others could be mentioned). My wife and I will not renew a day beyond our lease term, which incidentally is a year-long, 11-month lease (what calendar to do they use down there?). There is bound to be a good apartment complex somewhere in this area, but this is not it. Save your money and time! I would avoid this place. Though somewhat safe, it is too much a hassle. We even have tow trucks casing our parking lots in light of the new system. What a crock!
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Woods at Johnson Mill

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