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Coleman Place



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I was so excited to move here. I was 23 at the time. I was also married, but my husband was living in Massachusetts for work, and I wanted to be closer to school. The clubhouse is nice. They would have events all the time. The rooms are nice. I thought it was so great to have my own bathroom. However, on weekends, the noise level was absolutely ridiculous. People would be screaming on their way to and from the clubs. It sounded like they were having parties in the parking lot. Many of the lights were out, so walking out to my car at night was a little scary. I don't know what days were reserved for trash pick-up, but there was trash in the hallways, on the stairwells, outside the garbage cans. There were skunks all over the place because of the filth. No joke. I would walk outside, and there would be one at the bottom of the stairs. There were supposed to be fines for trash being left outside apartment doors, but it must not have been enforced. I had two really quiet roommates, but the one that shared the joining living room bedrooms was noisy, messy, and thought that she owned the kitchen and shared living spaces. I would come home from work and find random guys in the refrigerator, the living room. One was even hiding in the utility closet once. It was crazy. I talked to management about it, but they did nothing. I stayed there for one semester. I couldn't take it anymore, and they don't do leasing semester to semester. They do it by the year, so I have collection agencies after me although I don't feel that I owe them one cent for all of the crap I had to go through and live through while there. Take my advice: DO NOT RENT HERE! It is not safe, especially for young women. It is convenient living because UALR is right across the street, but don't let the pictures fool you. Take a visit. Talk to people that live there. It isn't what it seems.
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Coleman Place

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