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The Highland Midtown



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Office Staff
ixlr8you • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
It seemed like a nice place to live at first. The apartments are nice although pricy. It seemed secure at the time, but truthfully, anyone can come in. Laundry is stolen out of the laundry room if not watched at all times. I thought it was other tenants, but later found out that it is very easy to enter the building from the patio door and people from other apartments in the area use the vending machines down there and go through the washers and dryers while they are there. Homeless people have slept on the nice furniture in the lobby.<br><br>Parking is always an issue unless you want to pay for "special parking", which is not as convenient as free parking, if you can get it. Parking lot is blocked at all but one entrance/exit during the holidays making it difficult on tenants. A lot of mall shoppers walk through the parking lot and there has been some vehicle damage reported.<br><br>Heating and air conditioning is controlled building-wide by management and most apartments are unbearably hot at any given time even though the hot water coming out of the faucet is not hot enough to melt the grease off your pots and pans. On the other hand, you never run out of hot water and it is immediately hot when you turn on the faucet. Some of the windows have screens, some do not. I don't like a house full of flies and wasps. <br><br>The management company is ---- and requires rent by the 3rd with no grace, expensive late charges, eviction notice by the 7th and has a no-excuse policy regarding rent payment, so don't get sick, let your car break down or have any unforseen monetary issues because it does not matter to anyone but you. We cannot blame the onsite management downstairs as they are dictated by Sage Company (a managment company based in Minnesota). The local managment is required to live in the same building as the rest of us, so they do care and understand, but have no authority to help tenants in any way in this regard. Sometimes they are very difficult to catch in the office.<br><br>Living next to the mall might seem convenient, but it is terribly noisy and when it is hot inside and you have to open the windows to breathe. There are constant car alarms, emergency vehicles and screeching tires/loud exhaust. There is no convenient grocery store or drug store if you have transportation issues, but the city bus does run on University Ave. There are sex offenders living in the vicinity and I had the opportunity to meet one unknowingly by poolside. There is a halfway house in the rear of the building. I am not certain why types of persons reside there, but they come over into our laundry room late at night to get snacks and clothing that I have witnessed. <br><br>If you live on the same side as the pool, it can get noisy at times. People take glass bottles of beer after hours (even in winter when the pool is unkempt, nasty and cold) and get pretty out of hand.<br><br>There is no place for children to play safely.<br><br>Tenants are not curteous except to people trying to get into the building and they will let anyone in. <br><br>It is not a bad place to live, for some. It is just not my cup of tea.
The Highland Midtown Manager03/22/2007

We try very hard to exceed each resident’s expectations; apparently we fell short in regards to this resident. I encourage any resident who feel we have failed in any way to contact myself at the office 501-666-6223 or my regional vice president Mary Langum at 1-952-361-8915 to let us know what we can do to meet your needs. <br>My professional experience includes fifteen years multifamily on-site and multi-site management experience. I hold advanced certifications from the Institute of Real estate Management, the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and the National Apartment Association. That said, the office, Maintenance staff and I strive to always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. If I myself or any member of my team failed to do so I am truly sorry, please accept my most sincere apology. Again please let me know how I may correct the issue(s) that have caused us to fail to meet your expectations. <br>

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The Highland Midtown

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