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Sicilian504 • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/30/2014
I really wanted to like The Enclave when we first moved in. The kitchens looked very nice compared to the standard apartment kitchen you get with most places, it was gated and in a good location, and didn't come with awful plain white walls like 99% of apartments among other reasons. The sad truth is living at The Enclave has been AWFUL. We were shown an apartment on the first floor that faced the pool and looked great on the inside and I was told that this would be our apartment once it was finished being cleaned and having its A/C unit worked out. Ok, awesome, I couldn't wait. Once we signed our lease, we were given an apartment which faced the OTHER courtyard (there are 2 pools), and the pool was broken and empty and remained that way from the time we moved in in March of 2014, until this last week in July. Unfortunately, the pool LEAKS, the thing is, since it's on the second floor above the parking garage, the pool leaked\s into the garage. Supposedly our pool has been fixed since it's now full of water, yet the garage is still wet all over by where we park. Another issue with The Enclave is the walls are paper thin. I had read about this issue but figured "it can't be too bad". Wrong, the walls are so thin that every morning (literally) up until recently we could hear our neighbor play his music in the morning. It wasn't loud music, because we could also hear him cough and even speak casually at times. On the "top side", the neighbors above us walk and make so much noise; we have literally had a picture fall off of the wall and break the glass in the frame. ANOTHER issue with The Enclave is the parking outside. Since it is directly next to the Verizon Arena, people are ALWAYS trying to park in visitor's parking outside of the Enclave. A lot of times people also try to sneak into the parking garage as well which isn't hard to do since they just wait to tailgate in behind actual residents once they open the gate to get in. Recently (and currently as I write this. Go to YouTube and search for Enclave Little Rock Fire Alarm. I just recorded it so potential residents know exactly what it's like), the fire alarms are constantly going off. I'm not sure if management is testing them or what, but if they are they should give residents a warning so that people like me who work nights and go to bed at 6am, aren't being shocked at 9 am. Every other apartment complex Iâ??ve lived in left letters on everyoneâ??s doors letting them know they would be testing the alarms so residents didnâ??t learn to ignore the alarms or think there really was an emergency. The reason this is terrible is because there are sirens inside the bedrooms. When the alarm goes off in the complex, it blares into the bedrooms. It's not over and quiet again in 10 or 20 minutes, no no. It has been going off for over an hour and this is the 5th time maybe within a month this has happened. Also, it will stop after about an hour, and then once you relax, without fail it will start all over again after an hour or so, once you're convinced it's finished. I'm beyond done with The Enclave. The only way they would keep us as a tenant would be to make living here worth it for us. Then again, there have been at least 4 different managers here since we moved in, in March of this year; another issue is the quality of the apartments. The units have these wire shelves in the closets. One night around 3am one of ours ripped out of the wall while we were watching TV and everything in our closet crashed onto the floor. Maintenance said they had been installed incorrectly (they're the Enclave's shelves not ours; and hadn't been mounted into the studs). Total time for maintenance to fix the shelves? 2 1/2 weeks. Yup, 2.5 weeks we couldn't hang any clothes because we didn't have shelves to put the hangers on. Another issue we have include our thermostat breaking and not being able to control our A/C for 3 days. On the note of maintenance, the maintenance guys are pretty nice, but do NOT expect anything to be fixed quickly. I had read a lot of reviews about The Enclave and its problems before moving it, but I figured "it's just residents who have had a bad experience. Surely it's not THAT bad." No, it can be. I should have listened to the reviews. Between the fire alarm, the paper thing walls, the stomping neighbors above us, the awful parking in the garage (you're almost certain to be trying to avoid a concrete column), the rotating management, the pool issues, and who knows what else I'm forgetting, the Enclave doesn't live up to what it promised. FAR too often, at least once a week, when someone sees my ID or is given my address they say "Oh you live at those nice apartments on the river huh? Yea I knew someone who lived there. They hated it". I used to laugh when this happened because I thought it was great here. Not anymore. Now I understand why I hear this so often. Positives about The Enclave: Well, it has a great location by the Interstate and the Verizon Arena. But keep in mind if there is an event at the Verizon Arena, people will be trying to steal spots here, and traffic can be an issue. To be fair, The Enclave does have a policy about booting and towing cars that don't have "resident stickers" on their windshields. Oddly enough, The Enclave says they don't allow cars to be parked in the garage that aren't in working order, meanwhile, there has been a black Audi parked down there since we moved in that has 4 flat tires and is covered in dust. Other residents have told me it's been sitting there for over a year. I'm not sure why management doesn't force the owner to have it towed. Other positives about The Enclave.....the kitchens are pretty decent, you get a GREAT view whenever there are fireworks on the river for the 4th of July or when there is a ballgame and everyone else is trying to cram onto the bridge or along the riverfront. There's also a nice view from the gym looks towards the river and city. That about sums it up. As far as management, they're usually pretty friendly although there's this one girl in the office who is very rude. My boyfriend said she was rude and I just thought he was exaggerating until I asked her about something and she was rude to me as well, on person and on the phone. Otherwise, all of the staff is very friendly. I'm not sure about the new manager though, I haven't met this month's manager. Considering it's the 30th I better run downstairs and see who it is before August comes and we have another one.
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