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Brookhaven Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Worst complex ever!! Manager and her husband the maintenance supervisor are evil. If someone complains about u for any reason, even with no evidence, she doesn't ask your side, she just threatens to evict you. My daughter has been physically and verbally assulted on the playground. I watched and heard other children tell the staff that the same.children were bullying them as well. I've complained to management and instead of talking to the parents of the children. They said my daughter was a bully and that they didn't want to renew my lease. I was accused of threatening the child's father and told that they knew the police were called on me. The police weren't called and I never threatened anyone. Again she just decided to believe the other person without even asking me. Shortly after moving in, i was accused of not cleaning up after my dog. They took a pic of some dog crap that was on the playground and said because of the size they knew it was his. It wasn't. Also took pics of 4 cig bitts in an ashtray on my outside window sill and said they were going to evict me because it was a non smoking property, even though my neighbors the same ones that accused me of not picking up after my dog stand by their door smoking every night. And basically half the other ppl in the buildings around me smoke by their doors too. But I was getting evicted for the same thing. I eventually got her to change her mind. Then my apt flooded because of a burst pipe. That day I had a non renewal notice on my door. When I asked about it that's when she accused my daughter of being a bully. I had already decided I wasn't going to renew my lease because I hate the parking and all the obnoxious kids and the staff. But for them to make up lies about my daughter was crossing a line. The staff is horrible. Their so called reserved parking is a joke. If someone takes ur spot. There's no number to call to get the vehical moved, it will stay there until they choose to leave and there is virtually no spots for guests if u have them. My door is right by the stairs and the upstairs neighbor lets his kid lock his bike right by my door half the time laying in the path to my door or un top of my property that is outside in my space. Nothing done about that either. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. THE MANAGER IS THE -----!! AND A LIAR.
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Brookhaven Apartments Manager


Thank you for your review. It is unfortunate when Eviction occurs. I know it is hard to understand but we must follow Rules and Regulations. We must enforce these rules for all of our residents to be able to enjoy their homes. We wish you the best of luck in your new home.

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