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Keystone Crossing



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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I have lived in Keystone Crossing since Dec 1, 2007. On June 1, I moved from a Studio into a 2 bedroom, paying a nonrefundable "transfer fee" of $250, if I recall correctly, just for the privilege of moving from one of their apartments into another more expensive one halfway through my 12 month lease. Every time I call for maintenance, I always have to call at least twice (that's waiting at least a week without hearing from anyone before calling the office again) before anyone comes out. Leaving a message on their voice mail is pointless, since I left 4 over a 4 week period without one call back. There are 3 women in the office who have all been there since I arrived. They all have great personalities but only 1 1/2 actually seem to be working. I have been trying to get the following items corrected for a month and no one has called me back or come out though I have left at least 4 messages on voice mail and spoken with 2 of the 3 office workers about it: roaches, refrigerator door doesn't close properly and has been inadvertently left open overnight on more than one occasion causing groceries to go off; toilet clogged, not flushing, bathroom door won't stay open and closes on me while I'm trying to brush my teeth etc unless i prop it open but i have to move the prop every time i need my towel from the rack which is mounted BEHIND the door the farthest point away from the shower (??), bedroom window leaks when it rains. I have never been late on my rent and have not made a fuss but this has gone too far and I came across this site while trying to find the site for the Corporate office of the management company.
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Keystone Crossing

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