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Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
... No person who ever rents an apartment ever gives 5 stars out of 5 on everything. It is clear whose reviews are either paid for or coerced by the management, but they are too focused upon abusing people that they would not realize that unless it is brought to their attention in a review such as this(watch and see; the reviews will change and some other poor lackey will have to submit a non-5 star review). They are, without a doubt racist, but more important than that, they are on a power-trip and have little regard for what is right and are often only interested in supporting their own bloated egos and wallets(the owner should truly have a full accounting of the books and even he would understand that statement). Sadly enough they have brow-beaten the otherwise helpful and friendly staff so much that what little respect can be given to the common rentor is taken away at the first sign of any problems that may arise... that cannot be overcome by giving free cookies. Furthermore, despite race or sex, they cater to their chosen few, bending, breaking, or making up rules as they chose. The owner most likely does not know that this happens, and it will continue until the community stands up and demands a change... which is unlikely because of the size and power of the owner and in a town like ours, you can never be too sure who is related to whom. It is this simple: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The current managers will be the subject of a rather large class action law suit one day... it is just a matter of time unless the house is cleaned from within.
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