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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Overall my experience here had been fairly positive so far. I have had somewhat different experiences in dealing with maintenance than other users who posted their reviews. When I needed my balcony door resealed, the apartment maintenance staff took care of it fairly quickly. But on the other hand, the frame that holds the sliding door on my bathtub leaks water, and they didn't do anything about it. I would have given this apartment complex "excellent", except that I have really trashy neighbors upstairs that the apartment management has thus far refused to do anything about. They smoke on their own balcony and do not use an ash tray, and instead tap their cigs on the balcony so that the burning ashes fall on to my balcony. It's unbearable during the summer when we try to enjoy a nice evening meal on our balcony due to second hand smoke. In addition, they do NOT teach their kid proper etiquette. Whenever they're awake, the kid stomps around the apartment, running, falling, crying. It's as if they don't realize that they need to take their kid out for a walk to work off his excess energy. Of course, their son stays up way past normal bed time for kids to the point where I had to hit the ceiling just for them to quiet down well past midnight. Classic white trash. On top of that, they frequently have friends over, in which case they would stand out in the balcony drinking and hollering late in to the night. Furthermore, I confronted them a few times about their noise level, and they simply played dumb! Anyway, for a working professional who has to get up early to beat the rush hour to get to work on Mondays through Fridays, this is completely unacceptable. When I called the apartment management to complain, they said they would send a courtesy officer. But so far, the courtesy officer had come exactly ONCE, and he knocked on the wrong door because apparently he was told erroneous information by whomever fielded the phone call. Anyway, when I first moved in, this place was a dream to stay. Now I got upstairs neighbors from hell that the apartment management refuses to do anything. All in all, take your chances when you rent here. You may get some great neighbors. Or you may get the typical white trash that seem to be spreading westward from East Springdale. Someone must have closed down a trailer park out there.
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